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  1. I know i need to give this guy something but what,and where do i find it
  2. I am stuck in underhill (lol) can't remember how to get out of here.HELP (LOL)
  3. OMG i did have it been playing to long thank you all for the help
  4. can not find the mask in Ghed'ahre,can anyone give a hint as where to look
  5. I am over by the red flame in here there is a cave entrance but can't go in is this a glith
  6. HELP,stuck in here can found no shelter
  7. How to you get rid of the bugs blocking path in the jungle?
  8. Does anyone know where i can get these.Thanx
  9. Okay Thanks Everyone.Was doing good till i got here
  10. I have been in ashera's tomb.A yes iam in Underfall.Did i take a wrong turn somwhere.Sry for the confusion
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