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  1. Sedonian Beggar

    Thank you.
  2. Sedonian Beggar

    I know i need to give this guy something but what,and where do i find it
  3. underhill

    I am stuck in underhill (lol) can't remember how to get out of here.HELP (LOL)
  4. Where do I get a mask?

    OMG i did have it been playing to long thank you all for the help
  5. Where do I get a mask?

    no mask inside or outside the shops.
  6. Where do I get a mask?

    can not find the mask in Ghed'ahre,can anyone give a hint as where to look
  7. Demon Realm

    thank you that did work
  8. Demon Realm

    I am over by the red flame in here there is a cave entrance but can't go in is this a glith
  9. thornkeep

    the innkeeper says they are full
  10. thornkeep

    where is it
  11. thornkeep

    HELP,stuck in here can found no shelter
  12. BUGS

    How to you get rid of the bugs blocking path in the jungle?
  13. death scolls

    Does anyone know where i can get these.Thanx
  14. mirror

    Okay Thanks Everyone.Was doing good till i got here
  15. mirror

    I have been in ashera's tomb.A yes iam in Underfall.Did i take a wrong turn somwhere.Sry for the confusion