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  1. Nurmengard

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I'd love to test Aveyond 4.
  2. My trick here is to use picklocks near a save point. So, if I fail at guessing the combination (which I usually do), I just quit the game and load the saved game file so that I don't waste a lot of picklocks. Usually, it takes me a number of quitting and reloading, but in the end, I always manage to crack the lock anyway.
  3. Can I still register for Beta Testing? I've just read Aveyond Kingdom's post on Facebook that you're looking for Beta Testers. I've registered on the Rose Portal Games forums and my username is Peverell Crest.
  4. @samadlagi This is a clever one. You have to take the clue literally. Highlight the following text for spoilers: Step on the even numbers. So that's switch number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Even! Get it?
  5. @SilverDragon: You get an Aegis when you collect 99 Nayrin Relics. Just speak to anyone running the Nayrin Trading Co. once you collect all 99 Nayrin Relics. It is equipped as an accessory, and it gives you immunity to all negative status effects and halves all element damage.
  6. I prefer RAR/ZIP files. I am very adamant at installing softwares. I hate not knowing what the installer is doing with my computer. Installers usually add entries in the registry, Application Data, system32, and who-knows-where-else. With ZIP/RAR file, on the other hand, there is only one place where the files associated with the particular game/program would be located. If ever I want to completely remove this program from my computer, I only have to delete one folder. I am very concerned about left over files and useless files that clutter the registry and application data folder, for example. Uninstalling programs doesn't really remove everything. Some uninstallers are very sloppy. All they do is delete the application's folder in the C:\Program Files and delete the shortcuts in the desktop and in the start menu. This is pretty pointless because I can do all these things myself. The additional files associated with the application are then left forgotten. This takes up space and as much as I want to get rid of them, I could not do so because I don't know where they're located! Although there is a maintennance software called CCleaner, this would be another program to install and to take more disk space.
  7. Thank you for replying Steve! I will most definitely replay this game again someday. I would like to know though, how I can open the chest in Vellamik's forge. It requires a passcode and I don't remember seeing this code anywhere. Am I supposed to guess the combination? There is also a passcode for one of the silver chest in Noor, and I am looking out for any clues for the passcode.
  8. I like this game. Very reminiscent of Aveyond (Aveyond is my favorite game, if that isn't obvious). I'd say that this is even better than many paid RPG games out there. What I like about this game are the unique features that are not in any other RPG games. The minigames are brilliant, and the hidden passageways are very challenging. I also like the smoothness of maps and the battle system. The graphics are awesome and I like the variety of monsters and characters. On the other hand, I want to make a few suggestions on how to make this game even better (and perhaps some complains). I made some "mistakes" while playing. I didn't know that the Orzraks in Folgrim can be defeated by putting them to sleep. How am I supposed to know that? I only realize this just now, but I am already in Noor. Although I have save points in my computer, I cannot go back to that early in the game or I might as well start all over. I wish someone (an NPC, perhaps?) told me that the Orzraks should not be killed. I know Isadora said not to use unnecessary force. But how would I know what it meant? Finally, I would say that it will be better if I can see the monsters before they attack me, and if I can save anywhere I like. Overall, I enjoy playing this game. From zero to Aveyond (10), I would give it a rating of 8.
  9. Nurmengard

    Eeeee! Books!

    I love books! I will always prefer physical books to e-books. > I love the smell of paper. I always flip through books and smell the soft breeze that comes out of it. Although Amortentia is fictional, I know how it will smell to me. > I like to feel the pages of the book. It tells me where I am. E-books may have the percent thing, but it looks so synthetic to me. > Books are my personal obsession. I love to collect them. I get a sense of contentment every time I see them stacked together. > Physical books don't need power or electricity to be read. Unlike e-books. They're totally dependent to batteries. > I can buy second hand books, which are very much cheaper than the brand new ones. Especially, when looking for a book that has been published a long time age, I'm sure to find it in a second hand bookstore. Second hand e-books? I don't think there's such a thing. > Some books gets more expensive over time. Specially the first edition ones. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone first edition original price is 10.99 pounds. It was sold later on at 29875 US$.
  10. Thank you for the maps!! I'm looking forward to these...
  11. Nurmengard


    Thanks! I though I missed something..
  12. Nurmengard


    Hi! I've got a question about the items in Ghed'ahre item shop. After buying the scary mask for Edward, I can't help but to be curious about the purpose of the three other items... the candy, the bottle, and the rattling item.. Because I finished the game and it seems to have no purpose at all...
  13. Sorry shaz. I already got all the 5 attraction items. I didn't pay the beggar the 10 gold coins that's why he didn't leave the area. When I realized that this is the mistake I did, I paid him the 10 and then I got the love song ten minutes later... I'm replaying the game now. I'm using the save file with the 6 attraction points with Spook. In order to see how different it would be.
  14. Nurmengard

    missing music/sounds

    I also have problems with music. The .wma files do not play when I play the game. But other audio files do play like .ogg. What I did was improvise. I go to program files and play the .wma file with windows media player while playing the game. I believe this problem is entirely due to the settings of my audio software. Because I have the same problem with TLO. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks.
  15. Nurmengard


    A question about Thais: Why is it that I'm still able to pay donation to the goddess statue? I no longer need the luck points, so why? Next: why are there gold coins all over the city? i was able to collect 30 gold coins (i had 8030 in total). I know the 8000 is for the ring but the 30? What's the purpose of that? Not that I'm complaining. I'm just curious if it has a purpose...