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  1. blueZebra

    You lost? Here's the maps!

    Any onehave maps for the whole snow-area, Glenvale, Mysten far ? I keep getting lost wandering in cirkles... should think I'd make trails in the snow, but no *sigh* ^^
  2. blueZebra


    Please please please post maps on the forum. (after some time ofcourse) My budget do not have room for the strategy guide, and i don't really have the need for it either. But straight maps (no clues, hot spots etc.) are sooo helpfull. Just to get a general direction and to make sure I've been everywhere.
  3. blueZebra

    On a "Journey"

    R.A.T.M (Rage Against The Machine) A memory from my teen-days - written all over my note-books. and on a national note "D A D" (originally "Disneyland After Dark" - before they lost a lawsuit and had to change it)
  4. blueZebra

    Would an Amaranthia meetup be a good idea?

    I really doubt I could talk all you people into comming to Denmark for a meetup *sniffle* - I althoug i dream of it, I don't expect to win the lotteri anytime soon.... So just wishing you good luck with the plans, and dispaying the little green face of jealousy
  5. blueZebra

    Fill Out This Comment Card (Amaranth News)

    I rather enjoy reading the words from theFool ... And I prefer a big bowl of mixed topics, it's always nice to be surpriced Thumbs up from me
  6. blueZebra

    Fineshed te game

    Just finished ... spent about 51 hours (game time, so probably about 70 real time *lol*) ... Loved it, as always Looking forward ti the next chapter, can't wait to play with the new mage ;D By the way... these games should come with a warning !!! ... They are addictive