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  1. Wow Argoyle, you seem to be patient enough to actually find that passage. O.o Thanks for pointing that out. It's nice to know that that wasn't a mistake. =D Oh and don't worry about it KTC, it's okay. ^^ This was more like Whiskey Jack's kind of path, so it's no wonder we both missed it. ^^
  2. Yep, that's the chest that caused me to waste half an hour of my life. -.- Thanks for pointing out that it can't be accessed then. I honestly thought there's something wrong with my game or that there's hidden stairs somewhere. O.o Anyways, I'm glad there's nothing of importance in it. Thanks KTC. ^^
  3. Hey there. ^^ I played the game, and even though it's a little short, it's apparent that it's got hidden potential. For your first time working with RMXP, you've done a pretty decent job. I'm looking forward to more. ^^ ( ... there were a few moments that were too cliche though ... ) If you need any help with the interface, with spriting, or with mapping, I'd just like you to know I'm here and I'm willing to do so. ^^ I'd love to, so don't be shy to ask.
  4. So I've been trying to have Jack practice on locked chests, and I noticed there's one in Devenshire Woods that I can't reach. You can see it when climbing the cliffs that lead to Fisherman Tucker's place, but you can't reach it. There are a few barrels there too, guarded by a wild cat(?). I tried the MAPS link in the pinned topic, but I can't seem to find any way to reach it. I'd appreciate any help I can get, so thanks in advance. ^^
  5. You're supposed to get the key before the dynamite (if I recall correctly, the dynamite was in the wardrobe, right?). Just open the gnome's chest before widening the crack in the wall.
  6. (I'm sure I misspelled something in the title. T^T) Well, the thing is, the girl asked for a diadem, gown, and scepter. I've been able to bring the first two items and have given them to her, but I seem to have trouble finding the scepter even though I've ran a search through all of the currently accessible areas I've unlocked, and I'm sad to say that it has all been in vain. The only place I haven't visited is the Water Horse's lair, and I'm currently doubtful about the whereabouts of the iron scepter. Is it there by any chance? Also, I know that the air tank is at the general store, but I can't currently afford it although I picked up every crystal in every area (including the ones in the garden's trunk). I really appreciate any help with those two issues. I'm really loving the game and I really want to finish it and uncover the truth about the creepy monk and girl. ~ Edit ~ Never mind, I found the solution to that. Spoiler text, highlight to view. For whoever who's stuck here: How about checking the hole next to the fountain again? ;D
  7. Actually, you can also find an amulet in one of the chests in the ice cave near Shaenlir. I think the merchant there sells them too.
  8. We get milk in bottles and/or plastic jugs here. I've seen the milk bags before, but my dad claims they're unhealthy. I think the reason was something along the lines of 'the fat found in the milk dissolves something from the nylon bag, leading to serious ailments after a long while'. I can't be so sure about what he said, but he is a doctor and reads all the health magazines / web articles. *shrugs*
  9. It's a shame really, this project seemed to be going on fine. Maybe it needs to be revived (I have a spare Cassia Leaf if this team needs one. ) with a new development team? I'd really like to help seeing how everything is organized, and I seriously need to be recruited as a spriter/mapper/icon maker for some game to get more experience. ^^'
  10. That was surprising ... I didn't expect an illusionist. You're a pretty good writer, and I'd like to read more of your work. Great work! ^-^
  11. So, this game is officially dead? I was hoping to join the team.
  12. YOUR USER NAME: ~ Wabbit YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: ~ Chenille Nernine YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: ~ Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: ~ Friday, February 5th 2010 YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: ~ Sage, which is a class adept at magic in both it's fields (offensive + defensive) but relies on the earth and their surroundings for raw mana which they can use and shape. YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: ~ Familiar: A familiar is in other words a shape-shifter and can transform to an animal at will. However, most familiars specialize at a specific field. In this case, Chenille specializes in small animals/critters: mice, rabbits, squirrels, and the like. YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: ~ 15 Human Years YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: A - Physical: ~ Swift ~ Can use a staff with great prowess. B - Magical: ~ As mentioned before, Chenille can shape-shift at will to any animal in addition to her field of specialization; however, it consumes a lot of mana and she can only maintain the form for a few minutes. ~ Offensive Magic: Can entrap enemies and entangle them with vines that gradually pull them underneath the earth. Chenille can also temporarily turn certain areas of the body (whether it is the body of an animal/human/other) into wood. ~ Defensive Magic: Can cast a protecting barrier that prevents water or fire from causing any harm. Can cast a minor healing spell. C - Other: ~ Chenille has the ability to identify plants due to her extensive knowledge in the course of Herblore/Herbalism. YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: ~ Rational Thinking ~ Maintains a calm state of mind. YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: ~ Sapphires and Rubies prevent the accumulation of mana in Chenille's body. ~ Dislikes soggy and/or spicy food. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: ~ Date of creation was: 05/02/2010 (DD/MM/YYYY) ~ No editing has been done since then. (For those of you who are wondering what Mana is: It is the core essence of magic, and is needed by all magicians in order to cast magic. It exists in all sorts of lifeforms.)
  13. Wabbit

    User Names

    Mine is pretty obvious. Deduction concludes that it has to do with "Rabbit"; It's not really strange when a person really loves those small fluffy animals. (^-^)
  14. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! And I do remember you Luthie.
  15. Thanks for welcoming me here.
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