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  1. Thanks so much for the map! I giggled a little bit when I saw that the deserts are in the north on Elderion (spelling?) I knew the one island was aveyond... but what about that island off the west coast of Elderion... I don't think we traveled there, did we?
  2. I checked the FAQ and the topics, but I couldn't find anything... where can you find the last egg? I have the pixie one... but not the Metal Spectre one and I haven't been able to locate it!
  3. Ugggh!! I hate it when authority figures tease us!! lol! Are there really going to be two more AFTER TLO? that's really awesome! I'm still unsure whom I like with Edward... and with Mel... and of course now I suppose we have Spook to consider. But I digress... And I hope by "If Edward is even around" you mean one of the following A. he got kidnapped and Mel has to save him B. He's stuck in Thais being a king C Perhaps he goes off on his own to be a chicken farmer for a year >.< But I agree with aislin.. No Killing of Edward!! plskthxbai
  4. *sigh* I simply cannot wait for this game... I do have to confess... This will be my first aveyond game that I'll play without a guide! All the other ones, I've stumbled across waaay after they were released (even thought I've been playing these game for about 4 years) so the guides were all done and pretty for me! So I'm actually looking forward to hunting for items and different things all on my own! I am also curious what will happen with Stella... because depending on who you marry... her ending is very different... I'm also having a hard time determining who the creators of the game want Edward to be with... in Av 1 it was pretty stinking obvious that they wanted Rhen and Dameon to be married and rule Thais together... but in Av 3... I really don't know what they want! lol
  5. Hey everyone... I think this is the right place for me to pose my question. Any help or direction you guys could give would be great My question is... Is is possible to carry over TWO saved files from one game to another? I like the idea of two different brides at the end of Gates of Night. And I would like to be able to continue BOTH files (at separate times of course) in The Lost Orb. Thanks!
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