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  1. Oooo, thank you so much!! It isn't animated now, but that's OK. I love it like this too.
  2. @KTC : Thank you so much! You're wonderful to have done that! Now if I can just remember how to add an avatar. I didn't see it under edit profile, but I'll keep looking. I am SO happy you found my little dragon, as I'd missed him. EDIT: Figured out how to do it, but the size limit won't allow it, sad to say. (It's 96kb; max size is 50.176.) Thanks anyway, KTC. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm pretty sure my profile pic was lost when I had two computers taken out by lightning. There's one more possibility I know of, and I'll try to check that soon. Sorry something made you have to wipe out the forums. 😕 Sad to not see moderator under my name, but I understand as I'm not on as much as before. I pray you and Zach are doing well, and that the Covid-19 virus doesn't affect you or anyone you love.
  4. They open with no problem for me, also, in MS Word.
  5. If you still need help, Amanda has records of all purchases made on this site. Simply contact her and request your activation code again.
  6. Hi Tiniponi, So sorry to hear of your declining health. Hope things are going well for you. I think we last spoke years ago, but I remembered you  and Aisling from that time period.

  7. Just an FYI: Please don't feel you have to make the Dragon Lords a separate guild unless the other members who want to be in it want it to be. I am elderly and in very poor health, so I won't be able to do much in/for the guild no matter which way it ends up. (I have made a new will, set executors, HCPoAs and DPoAs, specified what I want done with all my possessions (donating pretty much most everything), as well as transporting and donation of my remains to a Forensic Anthropology department two states north of where I live. We don't expect I will be here much longer, so I hesitate to unduly influence y'all to do anything that might go against what others may want.)
  8. Previously, Dragon Lords (and the Brotherhood) were totally separate from all the magic-user guilds, the main reason I preferred Dragon Lords, plus I love dragons. LOL I will probably just not be in the guild if it is made part of the magic ones. But others may well prefer it that way, so I'm not saying you shouldn't make it that way. It's just my opinion.
  9. Queen-of-Ice101 Actually, almost everyone's siggies had gotten to be too large. For a long time, we mods tried to enforce it, but even those we reminded about it went back to large ones quickly. When we gave up, they got larger and larger. Very few of us had 'legal;' ones for quite a while. It is so much more pleasant now with none at all.
  10. If we do get guilds back, I hope Dragon Lords will still be one. (And if signatures are added again, please, PLEASE follow the size limits/rules. Most had gotten WAY over the allowed maximums. Thanks! )
  11. Queen-of-Ice - it's possible signatures haven't been added to the new forum because so many ignored the rules Amanda had set for the size of them. Some had absolutely HUGE siggies, although the rules stated a certain maximum. It would take a lot of scrolling on pages to read all the content.
  12. I can't decide which I prefer. There are things I like about each, and things I don't particularly care for. But, like others, I just want to play AP again, no matter which map you use. It's been soooo long since I played it.
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