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  1. I wanted to buy guide for Stargazer, but when I choose option to buy it, it says its unavailable. Can you help me with this? pls anyone
  2. I'm stuck again, can't find Galeara Quelion's to return her ring. And I can't buy "silk" in Garrison city.
  3. am stuck with quest about Lillian's equipment. I searched Thief's woods for hours, but cannot find anything.Pls help
  4. Well, I've downloaded last version of Sailor moon : the moon child. In Kakyo City, when gate already opened, I walking all way upward, to reach top. Some error occured. ---------------- Script 'MOG scene end Sakura v1.1'like 187 No Method Error occured undefined method `+' for nil:Nil class Pls help.
  5. Can anybody help me pls. I can't find right answer for this riddle. "without me all else is lost" Thanks
  6. Thanks very much for hint,it really helped.
  7. I'm looking everywhere but cannot find it. Please help.
  8. I opened map, but still doesn't understand. There is some cave 10 missing on map.
  9. How to get Cloak of Undying Loaylty? I Learn climbing, but searching about five times everywhere around Highlands and cannot found it. Maybe somebody knows, thanks
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