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  1. ok... i waited until fairly late in the game to go back and do Sid's riddles, and now i have no idea where Sid is!
  2. But where is the Windy Tower? I've been all over Windy Valley but cannot get to the top.
  3. OK... i've got Rowen now and need to get to Delamere... any help with where that is? Thanks in advance...
  4. Hi, all... trying to clean up some sidequests before the final battle and, for the life of me, i can't remember: (a) where the alchemist is; or ( how to find the Boar Curse antidote for poor Levus... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance...
  5. I'm trying to clean up some side quests before i try my hand at the final battle, but I can't remember where Tiny is so i can return him to the fairy in Memory Caverns... any help would be appreciated! Thanks...
  6. Hi, all... as i've been traveling around, i have noticed that there are various cracks in the walls, but i don't seem to have any way to blow them open. Have i missed something? Thanks in advance for your help!
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