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  1. then what is the point of continuing the game and the goodie caves
  2. i found all of the goodie caves in the last game and had max levels and all the top equips and alot of gold and i load the save and the game has nothing no items lvl 5 mel etc why don't i have anything from the last game and i spent like 2 hours finding everything...help???
  3. yeah i didn't see the use run lol thanks for the help
  4. i need the exact location to put the save file in win 7 starter
  5. i have my old save file where do i need to put the old save
  6. im not playing to get the caves to make it easy the first 4 aveyond games i beat without them then went back i take finding the caves as a challenge that i wish was in more games thats one reason i love aveyond so much
  7. Have the goodie caves moved cause im where the gold cave is/was and its not letting me in any ideas
  8. i got a game save from a memeber here and need to know where in Gates of night to put it so it will find it in TLO
  9. thats ok as long as the majority of the quets are done and i can get the goodie caves then im good
  10. sure if you don't mind i will find the caves again for max everything my email is in my profile
  11. yes i know that but the stats will end up default and probably other things ive done
  12. Ok heres my problem Aveyond TLO is releasing today and me of all the dumb ideas i could of done which this is one of them. about august of last year got win 7 and installed it i didn't back up my gates of night save with 100% done all stats and caves found. if anyone has a Gates of night save that you would be willing to copy and let me have i would owe whoever big time.
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