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  1. I was wondering if there were goodie caves in lord of twilight..i couldnt find any on the goodie pags, so i thought maybe no one put them up. If there is can u tell me where they are, maybe with pictures if possible??
  2. Thank you, but i do all those things and nothin!! o well i guess i have to keep trying and ill get it eventually , thanks anyway!
  3. Im in Arhimans lair and the creatures are very very hard and im on level 92! Anyone who has beaten this game have any pointers?? do i need to level up more?? Ive been leveling up for hours and just tried to defeat them again, but the spells and physical attacks are giving the same amout of damage. I have powerful weapons..in Ahrimans Prophecy i did fine and i was in a lower level. HElP! lol XD
  4. Ok it was the veldt empress!! Walkthrough said veldarah! lol. Thank u so much to everyone who tried to help!
  5. ook ill try the veldt empress. thanks!
  6. i never heard her say anything bout her husband ( not that i remember anyway) but there is a man in the southern isle that says " u never saw me here" and when i go back to talk with her she just says "good luck on ur quest", am i talkin to the wrong empress?????? lol.
  7. actually, the quest isnt even in my journal, and when i go back to talk to the empress she says, good luck on ur quest. but i remember her talking about the bird. Its the empress where the school is right??
  8. lol i did that as well, i found the dragon and talked to the dragoin rider in jail, i looked at the walkthrough...did eeverything is said and nothing works.
  9. i did, i talked to queen and she said she was feeling tired all the time or something. and nothing..
  10. i cant get thr bird seed! i did the corn side quest, talked to the queen, and i still cant pick it up! Help!?
  11. actually there are ice amulets, i found them and bought them, and i beat her already! thanks!
  12. ok i did that thanks! but do u know where i can buy ice and star pendents.
  13. Im having alot of troulbe defeating Indra ( i think thats her name). Im at level 60 and her ice attack always kills party. I dont know where to buy the ice amulets. The party members at the hightest levels are, rhen, lars, the vampire and the knight from sedona (dont know how to spell there names) If someone can tell me where to get the ice amulets or have any tips for me to beat indra please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Ok thank you very much! btw, do u know where to find Alicia?...i think she's one of the charcters that can join my party.
  15. noo, i dont even touch my mouse. I turned on the game today (after not playing for a few days) and it the problem was gone, but after a while, it returned but instead of my player going up, it went down.
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