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  1. Acropolis? Do you mean the Fauna and Mana caves? I have already been there and i don't remember seeing any pixies...
  2. Hello. Can somebody tell me where to find an act for the circus? I finished the game pretty quickly and had to reload so i can finish all the side quests. Would it be possible that someone posts a list with all the side quests? I have to admit that,because i already finished the game, i don't feel like searching all the places all over again but i don't want to miss any quests.
  3. I'm stuck in the cave with the save crystal and i can't progress any further. I can't get across the water and enter the caves. I have 5 saved games. One in Wildwoods, just before i enter the world map on my way to Land's end and 4 in Land's end. I reloaded all of them but the glitch happens every time. Whenever i put the pomegranate on the altar the boat disappears just as Anne1 described, i exit and reenter the cave, the boat is on my side, i hit spacebar, a second boat appears, i end up on the left black part of the screen and i'm stuck there. I even tried this: i used the pomegranate, the boat disappeared, i exited and reentered the cave and the boat was on the right side but i didn't use it immediately. I went back to Wildwoods, i returned to the cave, used the boat and the bug still persists. Maybe it has something to do with the God goodie? I used it and now i'm level 40. Any ideas? I solved it! If anyone else has this problem, here is what i did: when i gave the seeds to the old lady and she told me to go, i used a traveling rune to Veldarah. From Veldarah i returned all the way back to Land's end and went straight to the cave. The boat had somehow magically appeared beside the altar, although i didn't use the pomegranate at all (i didn't even bother going to the garden to pick it up).I used the boat and it worked fine. I crossed the water and now i'm finally able to enter the caves and go kick some demon's ass!!!
  4. I have exactly the same problem that Anne1 mentioned above (except i have never activated the speed crystal). I understand that not everybody encounters this bug. Did i do something wrong and triggered this bug? Is there a way to fix it? A patch or a save game after you get across the water? I really don't want to start all over again. Please help!
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