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    I do have my priorities dear... have you considered that Te'ijal is trying to keep quiet? No, of course not, that's totally out of character. But I'm not exactly writing everyone in character... Wait, did I just argue with myself? Argh.
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    I'm getting the feeling no one reads this. If you are, give me some feedback! I feel lonely Anyway, I've decided to make this thread look slightly better so I've given everything titles and such. --------------------------- Chapter 5 - Parents Lars, panting hard, was hiding behind a bush. Rhen had decided that they were all unfit, and so made them all take rigorous exercise in the Highlands. Although... Rhen was right. They usually took everything at a leisurely pace, and had gotten horribly out of shape. Well, not all of them. Rhen and Galahad and Elini tended to do everything at a rush, but the rest of the group were... well, Lars was hiding behind a bush to avoid Rhen finding him and making him do more. He heard yelling and loud stomps far off. He relaxed, standing up, and looked around. He was on a high cliff, away from any tracks. He could see in the distance Rhen chasing Te’ijal around, the vampire clearly enjoying it. Well... this might be the only place I’ll be alone, he thought, and fished out of a pocket a crumpled up letter that had arrived in the mail for him. Leaning against the face of another cliff (how many layers does this stupid place have, he wondered irritably) he unfolded it. He recognised the handwriting instantly: his mother’s. Dear Lars, Thank you for writing me. A good boy should be concerned about his mother. As it is, I’m fine. I recently got a new slave who is much less lippy then that last one, so I do not have to whip her as often. Whip? Last one? But... That meant... He shut his eyes, unwilling to read any more. Had his mother really whipped Rhen? Back when she was a slave, he hadn’t cared too much about her, preferring to play with his friends in the outdoors of Ghalarah rather than stay indoors, which was where Rhen usually was. But his mother... He slid his eyes down to the rest of the letter. But I am an old woman, and getting feeble. I might even hire a professional if need calls. I hope your travels are going well, and you are getting the recognition you deserve. Don’t let that sword singer outshine you, boy. With love, Mother But his thoughts couldn’t end as quickly as the letter. His mother... If you had known then, you wouldn’t have cared, a voice whispered in his head. He shut it out. Irrelevant. “Lars?” a surprised voice sounded. Ugh. NOT the time. He looked up and saw Dameon. “What’s that?” he continued, pointing at the letter. Lars refolded it and put it back in the pocket. “Nothing,” he said shortly, and added, “How did you get away from Elini and Rhen?” He grinned, twirling his staff around. “I’m the sun priest, remember? Blinded ‘em for a couple of minutes.” Duh. Why didn’t he think of something like that? Though in his case, he would simply kill them. “Hey, I didn’t notice that before,” Dameon interrupted his thoughts, pointing downwards. Lars glanced over, and gaped: there was a Mule Express station near an entrance embedded in the cliff. Dameon jumped down easily; Lars cursed. He wished he was that light as he himself thudded down. He ran after Dameon, who was asking the Mule Express guy what town was through the caves, and he replied simply: “Clearwater.” “Clearwater?” Dameon murmured to Lars, as they turned to look at each other with surprise. “Isn’t that ...” Dameon didn’t need to finish the sentence, Lars knew what he was going to say. “Yep... we should probably get Rhen here.” “Wouldn’t she know where her hometown is?” said Dameon. Lars shrugged. “I don’t know. Well, we should get the others. We can probably find the way back.” ---------------------- It was easy enough to find the others, they were all taking a break, drinking water. “Ladies!” Lars said, striding through the middle. Galahad looked up indignantly. “I’m here too,” he told him. “I know,” Lars said. “Anyway – Rhen! We found Clearwater!” He was so excited it all came bubbling out at once. Everyone looked up, and Rhen dropped the sword she was cleaning. “Clearwater? Here?” she said weakly as she bent down to pick it up. “How could you not know, you idiot?” “It didn’t really occur to me,” she admitted. “Now that I think of it, of course it’s here. I didn’t really wander outside the village much though – children aren’t allowed to.” She stood up. “Well, where is it?” “Follow us,” Dameon told her, and the group headed off. -------------------------- Rhen brushed the walls of the cavern with her hands, her eyes dancing with... nostalgia? Rhen is so cute like this , thought Lars, and then horrified, tried to erase the thought. But it wouldn’t go away. “Rhen, Rhen,” he prodded gently, “It’d be nice if we could see your family before the sun goes down.” At the mention of her family, Rhen’s eyes started to tear up. Ick. Embarassing. Rhen never cried. Ever. So seeing her do so was like invading her soul, or something. Te’ijal, in a rare display of actual compassion, took the girl’s hand and said, “Come on,” taking her outside. As soon as they went outside, Lars was flabbergasted. The town was high up on the cliffs, it was true, but they should have noticed it. And it was much the same as the rest of the Highlands – how could Rhen not have recognised this place? It wasn’t important, though, because as soon as she was out of the cave, Rhen gasped and ran up to a cottage that seemed the same as any other cottage in the village. Except to her, it was different. It was home. “Rhen!” Pa Dharzon cried as his daughter leapt upon him and gave him a bear hug, and he grunted under the pressure. “Wha-how-where-“ Ma Dharzon rushed to them and said, “Rhen, you’re so BIG!” “Ma!” said Rhen, releasing her father, and giving her mother a smaller hug. Pa looked at the group of heavily armed people behind Rhen, and said, “Okay, Rhen, what is going on?” “Well, onthedayofthefestivalaslavetradergrabbedmecausehethoughtiwasthatweirdpriestessandmademeaslave butitturnedoutihaveswordsingermagicsoiwassenttoshadwoodacademyandigraduatedandiwasgiventhequest todefeatAhrimanandhisdemons,” Rhen said in one big breath. Pa seemed to understand this. “You’ve grown so much...” he said sadly. “A sword singer? Wow! And are you going to introduce me to your little friends?” he added, following the narrative cliché of fathers everywhere. “Ummm...” said Rhen, blushing. She pointed at Lars. “Lars... Dameon... Elini... Te’ijal... Sir Galahad.” “I’ve heard of you,” said Pa, and Galahad smiled, bowing. “But I’m so happyyyy to see you guys again!” Rhen said, dancing around. It was a nice, storybook family reunion. Until: “Pa, are you my real father?” Silence. Where had Rhen got that one from? Lars wondered. It seemed so out of the blue. Her father was looking grave. “We’d better discuss this in private,” he said, looking imploringly at Ma. “You young people,” she said, addressing the group, “Look like you need a big long rest. What have you been doing?” “Rhen decided we needed some exercise,” said Dameon, grinning. The sudden tension was broken. “Rhen? Exercise?” said Ma, and both she and Pa started laughing. Lars looked across at Rhen, she was blushing to the fullest. “But Rhen hates any sort of exercise!” Ma managed to say. “Yeah, well, that changed,” said Rhen, and she looked back at Lars. “When you’re doing every little thing for someone, you learn to take care of your body.” He gaped. Was she talking about being a slave? “Well, anyway,” said Ma, after she and and Pa had calmed down, “Come into the bedroom. You need to get some sleep.” “But there are only two beds!” Rhen protested. Ma smiled. “Well, ever since you left, we’ve sort of turned into a little inn for passing travellers,” Ma explained, and she led the others to the beds. They stripped their armour off, placing their armour and weapons under their beds. Lars chose the corner bed, not wanting to see the others. Wrapped in blankets to protect him from the cold, he thought. Thought about Rhen. If Rona had really whipped her... well... he just didn’t understand how she could talk to him as she did now. He hadn’t even apologised. If her mother had whipped him, he definitely wouldn’t have gone on a quest with her – even to graduate. And he had been a bastard to her all through school... How could she stand him? Rhen was way too... nice. Well, there was one thing he could do. He could at least apologise. He drifted off to sleep. He woke up a while later to the sound of something crashing. Everyone jerked up. “Are we under attack?” said Elini, instinctively reaching for her weapon. “You BASTARD!” they could hear Rhen yelling. “You think you can just –“ “Rhen, sweetie, keep your voice down,” her father said, more quietly. Silence again. “Well, this is awkward,” Lars remarked, and got up. Rhen and her father were standing on opposite sides of the room, staring at the wall. Rhen’s mother was talking to Pa, cajoling him. “Rhen? Are you okay?” Elini asked her with a concerned look in her eyes. “Yeah, fine, “ Rhen muttered, staring down. --------------------------- If you guys see any mistakes, tell me! I found myself writing 'Her father was gray,' about two lines too late :S
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    Another chapter! I think I'm getting addicted to writing this :S I do have a Science assignment to finish by Friday... Meh, screw science. Also, sorry that I keep jumping from scene to scene, but I hate writing about the same thing for too long. This one's a little less like that... okay, not really. --------------- Chapter 4 - Kings and Idiots “Everyone! I got breakfast!” Lars yelled as he slammed the door of their new manor shut. Really. Loudly. Elini snatched a couple of boxes from him and warned him, “Rhen’s having a hangover, don’t push her!” Idiot northerner, although he looked a little apologetic now. “Sorry, didn’t realise,” he whispered. “But,” he grinned, “It is kinda her fault.” Elini couldn’t help but agree, and they set the food down on the dining table. Dameon and Galahad came and sat down with them; Te’ijal was applying her daily sunscreen. Rhen came in, looking harassed. Her hair was out of its usual braid and her eyes were red and baggy. “Good morning Rhen,” said Lars, keeping a straight face. She glared at him and he started giggling. “Oh, shut up,” she muttered. He smirked at her. “Grumpy? Maybe you shouldn’t have tried underage drinking.” She frowned. ------------------------------------------ “Thief, we have your statue. Now fill in your end of the deal and tell us who paid you to kill the king,” Elini said in her soft voice. She didn’t know why she had been delegated back here, except for the obvious reason that no-one else could be bothered to make the journey in the morning, and she had been the one pushing to finish this stupid quest. He pulled down his hood; she gaped: he was actually quite a handsome man underneath. Why does he wear a hood if there’s nothing bad to hide? Elini wondered. “It was Lord Gavin,” said the thief, and closed his hands around the statuette greedily. Gavin? That name sounded familiar. Wait, of course it did. Didn’t the sword singer get drunk at his party last night? “Are you planning on leaving?” the thief broke into her thoughts. She jumped; she hadn’t realised but she had been staring into space for a while. “Oh, yes, of course,” she said, trying not to blush. She had been considering him as a husband, but she couldn’t have one smarter than her. It simply wouldn’t do. However, Galahad... she would continue to inspect him, although the vampress also seemed quite interested in him. “Elini!” Rhen greeted her as she entered their house. The effects of last night seemed to have worn off, and she was her usual bright self. “How was it? You took a while.” “I walked back through the forest, rather than using those... horses. This continent is so much more prettier than the eastern and southern ones.” Rhen laughed. “That’s possibly the most girly thing I’ve ever heard you say.” Elini raised an eyebrow. “Speaking of gender, where are the boys?” “Out training against goblins and orcs. I think they got bored.” “Oh." "Well, who was it that paid the thief?” “Lord Gavin, apparently.” Rhen was silent for a moment. Then: “Do you want to tell the king now, or wait til the others get back?” Elini shrugged. “Does it really make a difference?” ------------------------------------ “Your majesty, we have found out who the perpetrator is.” “Who? Speak, woman!” Rhen cringed. “Uh... it’s Lord Gavin.” Was she really the right person to be the spokesperson! She had no idea how to speak to royalty! “Gavin! That fiend! And I trusted him.” The King signalled a couple of his guards. “March down to Lord Gavin’s estate and have him arrested immediately.” He stared at Rhen. “Where is Sir Galahad?” “I’m not sure. I think they went out.” Elini and Te’ijal grinned at each other, and Rhen hurriedly added: “Your majesty.” “I see. And how much work did he do?” “Quite a lot, actually.” “Oh, really?” “Yep. He ran all the way to thieves caves, we followed, he threatened the thief, we persuaded him, he stole the statuette –“ “What?” “- we distracted the man,” Rhen continued, unabashed, “and then when I got drunk, he got me out of the house. That’s quite a lot.” She noticed the king was covering his face. He probably thinks I’m the stupidest girl in the world, she thought miserably. The King was trying not to laugh at Rhen, possibly the most straight-forward girl he’d ever met. “It’s good to hear Galahad has been keeping up with standards,” he tried her. She laughed. He loved the sound. Being a king, everyone was very careful around him. Even his family hadn’t treated him the same, ever since the coronation. This was so refreshing. “So I suppose, lass – “ he began, before Galahad charged through the door. The king shut his eyes. “Sir Galahad, you’re late,” he reprimanded, and the knight bowed. “I’m sorry, m’lord, I got held up!” “Well, your friends tell me that Lord Gavin was the one responsible for my attempted assassinations.” Galahad raised an eyebrow. “Of course! Why didn’t I see it sooner? He is your brother’s wife’s uncle’s half sister’s stepson... he must have been attempting to seize the throne after your death!” “Well, Galahad, as reward for your effort –“ The doors opened again and Dameon and Lars came running in “-I am giving you access to the Royal Treasury.” Rhen’s mouth dropped open. “What! But we did all the work!” “Sir Galahad may share the treasure with you as he sees fit,” the King said. “I will share the treasure on one condition,” said Sir Galahad, staring right at Rhen. “I must be allowed to be the young lady’s champion.” Rhen opened her mouth to scream, “Champion?!?!?!?!!” but no sound came out. Her head felt a little dizzy, and then she heard Te’ijal say, “That would be wonderful.” Elini added, “He would be an excellent champion for the ‘young lady’.” The two women smirked at each other. Rhen was grabbing her sword, when, behind her, Lars closed his arms around her body, whispering into her ear, “You can’t win this one.” A plan! They had planned this! All to get her. She glared at Dameon, who had probably cast the Silence spell on her. He gave her a cheery wave. She stared at Galahad. Had he been in on this one, too? Unlikely. He was a total idiot. The others had probably just figured out what was going to happen. “Very well,” the King agreed. “Whee! Treasure!” said Lars, and let go of Rhen, in order to get some loot. The King beckoned, Rhen grumpily complied. The others had also run off to the treasury, leaving them alone... with sixteen guards. Hmm. Not really ‘alone’ then. “Look, I’m sorry to dump him on you,” he whispered. “But you haven’t had to live with him for six years. Look, I’ll pay you to take him off my back for a while.” He handed her a small bag containing 10,000 gold pennies. She kissed him on the head. She hadn’t considered that others would have as much trouble with Galahad as she was. You’re so self centred, a voice in her head told her. He smiled. “But if he drives you mad, please don’t kill him. He’s still a decent fighter, at least.” She sighed, nodding and stuck her tongue out. He ruffled her hair. “Good girl,” he said. ------------------------------------------------- “I am not talking to ANY of you,” Rhen announced as soon as Dameon took his accursed silence spell off her. “But you just talked to us then,” Lars pointed out. She ignored him, and went to have a rest.
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    Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

    and he gives Rhen an envelope to give to his mother ^^
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    Just a note: I had intended to stay with mostly game canon, but the next chapter is starting to veer off a bit.
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    Finally, another update. Rhen has a lot of fun in this one ^^ Chapter 3 - Under-age Drinking “It was here, wasn’t it...?” said Rhen as she checked the corpse of the monster for loot, glancing at yet another opening to a deeper part of the caves. “Yes-“ Lars started to reply before Galahad rushed to the front. “I’ll take it from here. I’m quite skilled,” he said pompously, and hurried in. The team all looked at each other before reluctantly following him in, to find him jump up a ledge and thrust his axe under the purple-clothe’d thief’s head with a grunt. “You there! Tell me why you dirty thieves tried to kill the king,” he cried gallantly. Sighing, Rhen walked around to the stairs and climbed up. She put her hand in front of his mouth and said apologetically, “Ignore my friend, sir. Could you help us? We’re trying to find out why the thieves tried to kill the king of Sedona.” She mouthed, He’s an idiot, don’t listen to him, and she could see the thief grin inside his hood. “Hmmm,” he said enigmatically. “ I have your answers...” he murmured, drawing it out. Or it was a she. It was hard to tell, really. “But why should I tell you?” he teased, and smirked. “We’ll pay double what the perpetrator paid you,” Rhen said instantly, and wondered why. She could feel Galahad’s mouth opening, and put another hand over it to stop it. The thief raised an eyebrow. “Will you now?” he drawled. “I shall tell you this much. We were paid to assassinate* the king by an influential nobleman in Sedona.” Pause. “Who?” Rhen prompted. “Uh uh uh,” said the thief, wagging a finger. “Payment, remember? You have to do something for me, first.” Galahad broke free. “We don’t bargain with scum!” he cried. Rhen heard the sound of muffled laughter, and turned to see Tei’jal behind her, eyes crinkled with amusement. You’re enjoying this, you bitch, aren’t you. “Er, ignore my friend. He’s not right in the head,” said Rhen, and knocked Galahad to the ground. Tei’jal** just about fell to the ground too, laughing. “I thought as much.” Rhen smiled, she liked this guy. “What would you have us do?” she asked, gently prodding him to the answer. God, this was taking forever, she wanted a nap. “There is a man in Sedona who owes me money, but refuses to pay. I want you to go into his house and take a special statuette.” “And what does it look like?” “The statuette*** is of an elven man. Return the statuette and I shall tell you who hired us to kill the king.” He turned away, and with that, he seemed he was done. Galahad staggered up and Rhen tugged his hand. “Come onnnnnn,” she muttered. As they walked out the other thieves glanced at them, but said nothing. They stepped back out to the massive maze of the thief caves. It was darker than before, it seemed: dark and gloomy. They felt their way along by the wall. Luckily, by now, they well knew the way, so even though their eyes couldn’t guide them, their feet could. It was a while past and they were getting uncomfortable, were they actually going the right way? when Rhen tripped on something. She cursed. “Ugh, what is that?” she said, picking up something. Lars grabbed it irritably and shoved it in Galahad’s backpack. “Let’s just keep going,” he said, no, whispered, for some reason. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Seagulls screeched above her head as she trudged along the sand towards the city of Sedona, and she covered her ears to block the piercing sounds. She saw Lars looking concernedly at her, to who she gave a death glare: he replied with a grin and turned to face the city as they walked through the gates. A woman bumped past her. “Ouch!” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing?” The lady frantically turned towards her. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I must get to the tailor before all the gowns are gone – I need something decent for Lord Gavin’s ball, you know!” “Lord Gavin’s ball, huh?” said a creepy little kid standing to the side of the street as the lady hurried off. Rhen glanced at him, but decided to ignore him. However, he continued: “I hear old Pemberlin is going to try and sell his manor there. It’s the closest to the public he’ll ever be.” Rhen and Lars glanced at each other. A manor? Interesting. “Do you know how we can get in?” Rhen asked. “You’ll need a ticket. If you haven’t got one already, then it’s pretty much hopeless. Unless...” “Unless what?” Rhen and Lars asked together, impatiently. “Well, I hear the art dealer’s got one. And he’s pretty desperate for art...” “And he lives ...” The boy pointed and they rushed off. “Hey, I deserve a penny for that information!” he yelled after them. Rhen tossed a small bag of money to him and he pocketed it with greed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- They entered the dark, dingy place of the art dealer. He looked up when the door slammed shut . “Hello, hello, hello!” he said ecstatically. “You wouldn’t happen to have any art? The trade’s been so dry, lately... I really need some new art!” Rhen grinned and got the creepy picture that Theodore had drawn for her out of her bag. “Would this be sufficient?” He looked at it and gasped. “Oh, my, this is brilliant! Such a masterpiece! Who made it, may I ask?” “Umm...” “An up-and-coming artist from the Good Children’s School,” said Elini in her thick accent. “I’ll give you anything for it, anything!” said the dealer. “How about your ticket to Lord Gavin’s ball?” said Rhen slyly. “Of course!” he exclaimed. They made the exchange and he busied himself putting it up. As they exited, Elini commented, “We have made him very happy.” “We’re so unselfish,” Rhen rolled her eyes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wearing her newly-bought gown, Rhen waltzed up to Lord Gavin’s house. “Ticket, please,” said the butler in a bored tone. Rhen handed him the ticket. “Enjoy the ball, m’lady,” he added, as he stepped aside to let Rhen in. Following Rhen, Galahad hissed, “Is this really so important? Don’t you have any sense of priority?” Rhen stopped at a table to pick up a glass of wine. She was sure the group had picked Galahad to come with her just to annoy her.“Huh? What are you talking about?” She took a sip. “We should be trying to find out who ordered the assassination, not having fun at parties!” “Oh, Galahad, lighten up. We desherve some fun once in a while,” she said, keeping an eye on an elderly man. “But what if they try it again? I’m sure they won’t stop after one try!” “I’m sh-sh-sh-sure the king is fine.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another arrow whistled through the air, this time barely missing the King’s left ear. “Um... we should probably shut that door,” one of the guards suggested. The others sniggered. “Nah, look at their aim! It’s pathetic! They could try all day and never kill him.” Everyone laughed, even the king. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rhen danced over to the elderly man as the music started. “Hello, my dear, did you want a dance? I would, but I really want to sell my manor.” “How much, Pemberlin?” she asked, and giggled. He looked nonplussed. “Are you sure, madam? You might not be thinking straight, you seem a little... intoxicated.” “No! I came to this ball specifically to buy your manor! So lemme buy it already!” “Alright. It’s 5,000 gold pennies.” As Rhen was counting this out, Galahad wandered off, feeling a little useless, for once. He found himself in Gavin’s kitchen where the chef was looking frantic. He grabbed Galahad. “Oh, Sir Galahad, please help me! I need a truffle for m’lord! He loves truffles but I can’t find one anywhere!” “I can’t help...” Galahad trailed off as he remembered something. He opened his backpack and pulled out the thing that Rhen had tripped over in the caves. “Is this good enough to be your truffle?” he said triumphantly, and handed it to the chef. “Oh, thank you! Now dinner can be served!” As all the guests sat down for dinner, Pemberlin found himself next to that kooky girl who had bought his manor, and Galahad found himself next to Gavin. Damn. He’d never liked Gavin, but he could never say it out loud. The King practically doted on him. “So...” said Pemberlin to Rhen, attempting to be sociable, although he’d been anything but, these past few years. He’d wondered why. If there were more people like this girl out there, then he wouldn’t have stayed in his home after his one final adventure. “Why are you here in Sedona, m’girl?” She laughed, loudly, so that everyone in the room couldn’t help looking round at her, before they remembered their manners and looked back. “’m hunting demons! But I need a big non-sinky ship to get to Veldt!” she said, as the maidservants brought the soup course before them. Rhen – Pemberlin couldn’t believe his eyes – lifted the soup bowl and literally sculled the soup. He covered a smile with his hands. “Tell me, dear, is this the first party you’ve ever been to?” She nodded. “First I was just living in some village, then whee! Off to Ghalarah to be a slave. Veldarah to be a sword singer... and now I’m here as a lady.” Galahad stood up and came around the table, dragging Rhen. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologised. “She’s only 17, she’s never had a drink before...” Rhen flailed before falling asleep on his arm. Annoyed, he got her out of the ball and into the inn, where the others were waiting. “We have the manor,” he announced, fishing the key out of one of the layers of Rhen's dress. They cheered and went to sleep in their new home. ----------------------------------- *There are TWO asses in assassinate, two asses in assassinate... **How the heck do you spell Te’ijal anyway? There are like 5 different ways they do it in the game.. grrr.. ***Brownie points for anyone who can tell me the difference between a statue and a statuette! (I’m not kidding, I really don’t know ._.
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    SORRY about not updating. I was gonna play Aveyond again so I can get into the proper mood... found out there was a NEW BUILD by the time I got to Gheda'hre (yes I'm slow)... tried a gazillion times to get it on my computer.. by the time it finally worked my saved games had gone >.< so I had to start a new one. But I'm in Sedona now so lots and lots of ideas ^^ I will write the next bit in a sec. Also, I just realised at some point I wrote Daemeon as being in their manor. They weren't supposed to have that yet (in fact the next bit involves that whole thing ). *Goes and changes it*
  8. @Esme: Yeah, if you go into the Castle too much without doing anything about the quest, eventually the ball starts without Ella there and you can't get Alicia either. I did that about 1/2 the times I played through AP
  9. Berthier

    Should students get money for good grades?

    Gosh, no. You don't want them to expect later in life that good work will be rewarded. Don't give them false hopes along with a tiny amount of money. If you can't tell, I'm kidding! But don't give it as a bribe, give it as a reward. You know what I'm saying?
  10. @ Lika - lol! I remember once in AP I was looking for that porty place from AV2 for ages. Eventually I gave up and continued with the story.
  11. You can get Mel thrown in gaol? If they're talking about the baby trading quest, I got the lady thrown in as soon as I looked around for the evidence the Inspector wanted. O.O EDIT: Oh, duh, should have looked at the one above me. I feel stupiiiiiiiiiid.
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    young vampire! part 2

    A couple of things: Paragraphs! If you put everything in one big bunch, it makes it difficult to read. You don't want your poor readers to hurt their eyes, do you? Capitals! You've got misplaced capitals. Single I's, as in me's, should always be a capital, as should the start of every sentence, of course. Other than that, too many capitals can also hurt the readers :-) Other then that, you're doing great =]
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    [d]I'll write some more after dinner... it's hard to be creative when I'm hungry [/d] Scratch that, there's too much good TV on tonight. Tomorrow at the very latest though
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    Hehehehe. We haven't heard from Dameon yet! Special - Home Alone Dameon, lying on the hard wood panel floor of the Sedona inn, flicked a dart at the opposite wall. Man, why did they have to leave me here on my own, he thought, and yawned.
  15. In the order that I played them: AV:- could not for the life of me figure out how to get to the 5th marionbell (the one across from eggie). - Thought that when Elini said 'experience', she meant you need to be a higher level. I trained for hours, I think I got to 40, before I stumbled upon the beehive in Aveyond and was like 'duuuuuuh.' - Had no idea where to get the painting. I looked in all the item shops and I even looked for an artist before I gave up. I only got it in my second run through, where I happened to talk to the witch child again. AP: - First time I played it, I thought it was like Aveyond, so when I stepped out into the field, I didn't realise the bug was attacking me, and died. AV2 : - I never bothered leveling up in the beginning, so when I got to Ravenwoods, I had to either dodge the monsters or die. Had to restart the whole game so I could hit bees for half an hour. AV3 : - I couldn't figure out how to wake up the Sleeping Beauty. I eventually had to look in a guide.