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  1. Umm and then what? XD Who are we supposed to trade the ghost doll with? Edit: ok never mind, I found it. For those who are lost, it's a girl in Tor.
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one!!! As for my review, I'd give it 4/5. Mainly because I kinda didn't like the art. It really could have been better. The music on the other hand was (and I quote Sid!) grandiose! Music (for me) is the most important thing in a video game lacking voice over. aveyond 4 blew my mind with its music. My favorite tracks were the ones playing in Ulrock, Delamere and Halaina. The story was really fun; I enjoyed every bit of it. And I loved how every party member had their own little endings and the consequences of the sidequest we played too! My favorites were Myst and Hi'beru. Really loved it when Myst angered Boyle. And how Hi'beru always came to rescue when dreams were involved.. and that ending with the gladiator? Priceless!!! I had Ingrid paired with Phye in my game just because I didn't like her with Boyle. Call me silly, but I think he and Myst have much more chemistry Besides, Ingrid deserves a strong man and Phye was prefect. Hinting that Boyle has some connections with the Pendragons was interested. I'd love to see this idea being expand on in the future. It really sets the bases for a new game *wink wink* A side note regrading the curse; my theory is that Boyle did break it. Remember that moment when he was like "Fang is my true love"? this is a type of unconditional love. Because as far as I know, love extends beyond romance type. So, I think Ingrid knows that too but didn't tell Boyle else her plan will fail. Anyone else thinking the same thing? Finally; this actually made me scream because I was one of the peeps who suggested a subtitle for Aveyond and this was my submission! It made me really, really,really,really,REALLY HAPPY to see it in-game. Thanks so much Aveyond Dev team! I look forward to playing more games from you! Edited: since I also got the strategy guide as well, I'd like to point out that it's not as helpful as I expected. I found myself surfing the forums more than reading the guide. For example, it only mentioned that Myst can get a bear amulet but doesn't mention how to get it and from where. Also that part about Rowen's sword singing skill was no written. I accidentally stumbled upon a topic on the forum discussing it.
  3. It's the gleaming eye. I was confused too, because the guide said "treasure eye".
  4. where you had to dig it out, right? I was wondering about that as well..
  5. Hi, I'm getting very low frames per second/ hanging while playing in full screen. I noticed that the frame drops dramatically after battles. I tried to switch off graphic effects and change my graphic processor from integrated to my Nvidia card but still didn't fix it. I thought it was my PC being silly, but I am pretty sure it's more than capable of running it. It's not a bug per se, just extremely annoying. edited: Spec's are here
  6. Gratz to those who are selected and as many have said, I'm glad to see the game in beta stage! If all goes according to plan, December will be very busy with Aveyond!!
  7. @honestlyreal27 yeah me too,, can anyone give a hint of where to find a gift for mel to accept the proposal? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. The game had been released today!! I don't think that it will be available now! maybe next week!
  9. I see so I didn't really missed a task.. hmmmm...
  10. Hi.. I already finished the game but I was wondering if I missed a task in the vegetable garden because the task counter shows that there is one more task to do.. I tried to look around and even used the hint but nothing changed.. anyone help??
  11. Yes it's pretty!! and Fairy forest would be great too!!
  12. Aeternus is right! the religion should be kept from the government and given to the religious leaders to handle it! about the prayer day I really didn't get your point...sorry! and I already red the article in the links you offered
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