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  1. Clarissa stopped fora moment. "That's it! I'll send guards to search for them and teach those three a lesson!"
  2. Clarissa was angry, she was pacing to and fro with a mad face. "Those...! Three ran away in only one week! This is not good! We have to find them!"
  3. I am going to try something new. Name: Clarissa Age: 25 Years Old Gender: Female Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan Type: Evil doctor
  4. Lovely, the demo still have bugs but it must have. Keep it up.
  5. Animalaa

    Nick Names

    In my house, they call me Lili which comes from my name. I think it's childish.
  6. Take the nightingale quest from the queen of Veldt then go to the place where the nightingale is and make the conservation then go and get the bird seed from the squirrels.
  7. Hi Nic, welcome to Amaranthia, to submit a story all you have to do is to post it in a new thread(like you did), and when KTC sees your post, I am sure she will put it.
  8. Wow, 5 to 15 hours for a demo? Greato!
  9. @Marphlets: Awww, it's so cute. @S_tyong: Hope they come back soon.
  10. So nice, it's very interesting to know more about the demons in Aveyond.
  11. @Mandy: Awesome, Chicago is surely nice. @Nik: Please respect the rules and stop posting such posts, if you would like to talk to Mandy, then do this in PMs.
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