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  1. Never mind. I just deleted the game.
  2. First was the Songbird tunic. Ingrid got it but I could not toggle to Myst for her to equip it. Also the green/blue bandana's. I was able to equip Boyle but again I could not toggle to the other two (Ingrid and Myst). I was able to use the cassia leaf during fighting.
  3. The game is Aveyond 4. I am trying to equip gear and yes the character is knocked out. When I go items list and choose the item the characters appear. Only the first one can equip or use any of the items. I have played this game before and had no problems. I just downloaded it again on a new computer and I had these problems. I tried to download again from the links you sent but it won't let me. I appreciate the help in solving this. I really like this game. One of your best. Thank you
  4. I just downloaded this game. I am having trouble with equipping more than the first character and I can not revive any character only the first one.
  5. I am having problems in Shadow Isles when I go to the Items menu I game closes. I do not have the latest version to download. I bought the game Dec 11
  6. Thank you It seems I went to Edgar before the inspecter. I got it this time. Tkx
  7. OK I am really lost. I have tried and tried to get arrested and it is the maid who is arrested. I have not a clue what to do. I finished the game but wanted to get the side quests completed. PLZ how do I get arrested?
  8. How do I get the crab to fight. Mel and the crew keep leaving they won't fight.
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