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  1. Thanks a lot! Can't wait for more feedback
  2. Here is a Let's Try Craze (creator of Visions & Voices) is doing:
  3. Yay Don't forget to give me some feedback, guys! I spent a while on this :3
  4. Developer: Strangeluv CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!(55MB!): http://rpgmaker.net/games/2324/ JUST SOME WORDS: Leo & Leah was started on a whim. It started just as a simple idea and it flourished into a project that I am very proud of and would not be afraid to show off to real-life acquaintances! I’ve always toyed with simple ideas in RPG Maker games and tried to flesh them out with a different angle. The story for this title is that Leo’s girlfriend, Leah, gets captured by two imps and he must take chase after them. As more of the plot unfolds, a grey-haired villainness named Brandy comes into play, wielding a shotgun that she isn’t afraid to use. The chase ensues through many different environments, including an insect-infested forest, an underwater frog castle and a haunted pirate ship. Leo is joined by a mysterious beast named Daisy at the beginning of the game. My main inspiration for this game came from the Donkey Kong and Mother series, as well as Super Mario RPG. Like the Flower Points in SMRPG, the party is granted a fixed number of “Survival Points” that Leo and Daisy must juggle throughout the battles in the game. The humour and quirkiness in this game is much derived from Earthbound and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, such as the fourth wall breakage and unexpected viciousness juxtaposed to bright and colourful graphics. Leo himself acquires a number of skills throughout the game, not only to be used in-battle, but out of battle. Examples of such would be the Dash skill, which could be used to slam into enemies and get that much-needed “first attack” in the battle; a “Faded Smile” item which allows Leo to completely dodge any on-screen encounters; and “Green Fins”, which allows Leo to swim through Jellybomb-infested waters… The game is about seven hours long. It was started on July 2010, and finished on February 2011. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: - Approximately 5 - 7 hours of gameplay. - Entertaining characters (mostly animals) and colourful graphics, mostly edits of Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. - An awesome soundtrack! - Lots of humour reminiscent of Earthbound and Super Mario RPG! - A tweaked default battle system and skill system! - A lot of mini-games! SCREENSHOTS CHECK OUT THE TRAILER AND GAMEPLAY DEMONSTRATION HERE: Before I close off I would like to thank all my beta-testers and "Ciel" especially, who gave me a lot of advice on improving many facets of the game. So enjoy the game! And have some laughs, and don't forget to give some feedback! Oh, and don't forget to visit our MERIDIAN DANCE BLOG to keep track of more of our upcoming cool projects!
  5. Here is a video of the gameplay and battles in the game! hehe and more screenies! The game is in beta-test right now, so a release will be very soon!
  6. Here is a video clip of the game!
  7. Ah! Thanks guys Thanks a lot for the replies! Here is how I want to do battles for the game! I wanted to try something different and now I am trying my best to make it all balance out well. I don't want this game to be hard at all, but I want the player to be able to devise different "tactics" of play rather than button-mash. SURVIVAL POINTS • Survival Points (abbreviated SP) is the commodity used when selecting the skills given to your characters. • A skill may either consume SP or replenish SP. • SP is a shared commodity between Leo and Daisy (think about the Flower Points from Super Mario RPG). For example, if Leo uses a skill that consumes 2SP, that same 2SP will be lost by Daisy as well. And if Daisy uses a skill that replenishes 4SP, Leo will also gain 4SP. • SP can be also be replenished by using the “Chewy Bone” and “Fish Tail” items. • The Maximum SP is set at 10 and will never increase as the characters level up. They can reach Level 99 and the Maximum SP will remain at 10. The only way to increase the Max. SP is by collecting hidden “Green Balloons” throughout the game. • SP is regained at a rate of 1 per every 90 seconds the player does not use the “Run” button. The player will receive “After-Battle Rewards” if they have a high SP count at the end of the battle. This will come in the form of either of the following: 1. Extra experience points. 2. Party recovery boost. The ability to obtain these are only possible if the party has a minimum SP of 6. The greater the SP at the end of the battle, the greater chance to get an After-Battle Reward. The following TWO skills are equipped by default on Leo and Daisy: 1. ROLL – Standard attack. (0SP) 2. MAUL and TACKLE – Stronger attack; and attacks twice. (-2SP) They are given SIX additional skills each at the beginning of the game. They may only “equip” three of these skills at a time on the main menu. The skills include: LEO 1. ROAR – Leo doubles his offense for a number of turns. (+1SP) 2. WAR CRY – Leo can combo three to five times on his next Roll attack. Has a small chance of failure. (-2SP) 3. PLAYTIME – Leo runs a circle around Daisy. If Daisy is unconscious, she will be revived with a slight health boost. If Daisy is conscious, she will regenerate life for a number of turns. (-2SP) 4. APPLE – Leo recovers from any status effects and becomes immune to all status effects for a number of turns. (+2SP) 5. ENGUARDE – Leo boosts his defense and agility for a number of turns (+1SP). 6. HEART – The party recovers 1/3 of their life points. (-3SP) DAISY 1. SNIFF – Daisy sniffs the battlegrounds and digs up any items there. Has a chance of failure. Only can be used once per battle if successful.(+2SP) 2. LICK – Daisy licks Leo. If Leo is unconscious, he will be revived with a slight health boost. If Leo is conscious, he will regenerate life for a number of turns. (-2SP) 3. NAPTIME – Daisy will take a nap, missing a number of turns, but will boost defense, recover from any status effects and regenerate life while asleep.(+4SP) 4. SNARL – Daisy growls at enemies, lowering their defense, may make them drop currency. (-2SP) 5. INTIMIDATE – Daisy growls at enemies, letting them drop more currency. (-1SP). 6. TANTRUM – Daisy unleashes a ferocious attack on all enemies. (-6SP)
  8. I thought I'd highlight a few of the "skills" in the game: THE SPRINT By holding down the Shift button, you transfer all your funds to an offshore bank account owned by Strangeluv. Oh, it also allows you to sprint. You may ask… why walk when you can run? Three reasons: 1. Sprinting may make certain enemies become more aware of you and approach you, rather than “wandering randomly”. It may also trigger some event encounters. 2. Sprinting may trigger certain obstacles. For example, bumping into a tree in Bugbite Grove will cause bees to chase after you. 3. Every 90 seconds of not sprinting allows the party to regain 1 SP. THE PADDLE The Green Fins, a special item Leo obtains in the first dungeon, allows him to swim in certain waters. However, he must dodge Jellybombs and obey the universal swimming rule of “No running and dashing in the water.” THE CUB DASH By pressing the ‘3’ key, Leo is able to, as the instructions say, “manifest all his might and testicular fortitude to generate a powerful synergy that propels him into nefarious entities”. In other words, it makes him dash forward a little. If he dashes into an enemy, it will be considered “Guerrilla Warfare” and Leo will have the first strike in the battle. He may also knock some extra Seashells (game currency) out of the enemy this way. THE RAM DASH The Ram Dash operates the same way as the Cub Dash, except it propels Leo slightly further and can be used to smash certain obstacles in the way. The effects of Ram Dashing into an enemy are the same. Leo may only perform a Ram Dash when he obtains the special item in Croaker’s Chateau, the Ram Cap. THE DECOY PLUSH The Decoy Plush can be bought by Cheep, who sets up a chain of stores throughout the game locations. All it serves to do is to take damage that might otherwise be dealt to your party members. It cannot act in battle. Once its Life runs out, it is removed from your party and you have to buy another one if you wish to have it back! THE SANTA HATS Santa Hats can be located throughout the game. These are to be given to Cheep, who misses his usual snowy climate. Whichever store the Santa Hat is given, Cheep will proceed to give discounts for selected products. METAMORPHOSIS When Leo obtains the Bug Suit, the player can press the ‘2’ key to switch in and out of it. When he does, he will assume the identity of a Buzz Bee. When in this form, most insect enemies will not assault him. However, the Snapperbud enemies will become more aggressive. He may also converse with the fellow insects. He may also use it to hover across certain chasms. The Bug Suit is found in Bugbite Grove. THE FADING SMILE The Fading Smile is a mask found later on in the game that can be equipped by pressing the ‘4’ key. When Leo wears this, no enemy will attack him, with the exception of required or boss encounters. Leo will also avoid detection from obstacles such as the Laser Eye enemies. The drawback is that, while wearing it, his Survival Points drop every ten seconds. If he has no Survival Points, he will be unable to wear the Fading Smile mask.
  9. Thanks for the comment I will post it as soon as I finish with it!
  10. Strangeluv

    Leo & Leah

    PLOT: Rather simple. Leo and Leah have been close since they were newborn cubs. But now they've been separated and, with the guidance of you and the mystical of called Charlie Darwin, Leo must use all his survival skills to get her back! A tale of love, loyalty and lionhood. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: - Approximately 5 hours of gameplay. - Entertaining characters (mostly animals) and colourful graphics, mostly edits of Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. - Possibly some custom made music. - A tweaked default battle system. - Yup, there will also be mini-games thrown in here. - I will add to this list as game progress comes along! SCREENSHOTS CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE: Looking to release the full game by March 2011
  11. Yes I know of that cave bug. If I ever re-release, I will make sure to fix that. I hope you're getting through with the game
  12. Yes, you must complete all the quests to get back home. In retrospect, I wish I made it so that you only had to complete 3/4 of the quests but you have to complete all. If you're getting trouble, I can always try my best to help. As for the boulder puzzle, do you mean the one in the caves? If you get stuck, press "Shift" and the boulder reverts to its original position. Thanks a lot for playing
  13. http://rpgmaker.net/users/Strangeluv/locker/Save04.lsd This is a save file for just after Azule Gorge. Just copy and paste it in your A Home Far Away folder. Danais hits his head on a rock while swimming and drifts away. Farrah then talks to Minka and tells her she will go through Golden Road Terrace to find him. What you have to do from here is go north of the village and you will end up in Golden Road Terrace. P.S. Anyone speak Portuguese? Courtesy some Brazilian magazine.
  14. @monipsych: Yes, you will get it after you retrieve Danais from the clown's cabin in Woodluck Forest. And when you do get it, it can be accessed via the item menu. @UntoldReveries: Check your pm's, please
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