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  1. Adding my (slightly more than) two cents on this, because this appears to have become a diatribe against Christianity, based on only the opinions of a handful of denominations. First: I am a christian. Specifically, I'm Episcopalian, which means I'm somewhat old-fashioned, as the church goes. It also means that I could care less about things like your race, sexuality, or beliefs on evolution. Murding kittens? Then I have a problem. Second: Paul was a jerk, and the Old Testament is history. Any arguement based on the OT is like saying that because you shop-lifted a candy bar, you're going to get your hand cut off. Third: I'm studying to be a linguist, and my Sunday School teacher was a lawyer. Please form your own opinions. That being said, I have to point out that these "Christians" who spend their time denouncing things with so much vitriol are ignoring the most important, and most basic tenant of their faith: Christianity is a faith based on love, as a verb, not a noun. Which means, instead of focusing on things like why homosexuals are evil (which isn't true, and has no basis in the NT, but I'll get to that in a second), they should be focusing on actual problems, like hate crimes, and instead of talking about it, actually do something. But then again, hateful people are hateful, and the unknown is scary. The most interesting argument, to me, is the one about the OT, and how if God said it, it must be so. This is true, but not relevant. The OT is essentially a history book. This is how it was, but now it has changed. In the NT, the person who has the most perfect faith is an unnamed Roman/Greek/something (the Gospel of Mark (I think it's Mark) is really, really vague) general in some random army running around. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, this is one of those miracles people keep talking about. Bear with me. The story goes like this: Jesus is walking from one town to another with is disciples, when this General comes running up. (He's described as a gentile, which merely means he wasn't Jewish) He falls on his knees and begs Jesus to save his servant, who is dying of something nasty. He says he will do anything, if only his servant's life is saved. Jesus tells him that he requires nothing, and then says that the General has the most perfect faith he's ever seen. The servant is healed, both are grateful, and Jesus goes on his way. Now here's the interesting part: at the time the Gospels were written, 'servant' was slang for the younger member of a homosexual partnership. The General isn't freaking out because the dude who lays out his dinner and polishes his shoes is dying, but because his lover is. How's that for ironic? This sort of story, for the record, is what my faith is based on. That being said, I believe that God is bigger than our perceptions of him/her/it. So believe what you will. And remember: the translations that all modern copies are based on were first translated by people like Paul, who, as previously stated, was a jerk.
  2. Ambidextrous, me. I write enough class notes and do enough hand work that the time used with both is about equal. Freaks some of my teachers out, strangely enough. Got detention, oh, five or six years back because our substitute literally couldn't handle the fact that I didn't stick with one had. She burst into tears and sent me to the office, where everyone was as confused as I was. Turns out she was utterly insane, tried to kill a kid about a year later. It was all rather odd. As for the whole more left-handed people, I think it's because kids aren't being forced to be right handed anymore. My father was originally left handed, but his teachers punished him when he used that hand, so he became right handed.
  3. I loved the character interactions in the first game. Ran around the house waving my fife and yelling about how supremely awesome Te'ijal was. Do I sound odd if I say I want to be her when I grow up?
  4. Congratulations. You made tea come out my nose, I laughed so hard.
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    Mine is slightly stupid. When I was in 8th grade, my history teacher, bless her little pointed head, somehow got the idea that my name was Andrea Harper. And despite having the roll sheet in front of her every morning, and me attempting to correct her for months, that's what she called me. And it stuck. Got to the point where my classmates forgot what my name actually was, which made some of my other classes pretty interesting. So I used it online, first on a different site so that one of my friends could figure out who I was without us trying to track eachother down, and then it stuck there, too, and I've used it ever since.
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