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  1. what if that squirrel's have the map already
  2. just saying but she goes evil wither you choose dark or not.
  3. so i am suposed to find this temple in raven forest, where is that located. what are the blue and yellow starcrystal for?
  4. i found the mask, and now i feel like a dang heardler with these smile. >.
  5. so i have searched everywhere, and i can't find a the missing wall mask. can someone please help me.
  6. Umm I ReDownloaded and Still There???
  7. Hello. Yes IK It's has a while. But i Recently got the A:TLO and i am having a problem. I made some "Quicksilver" or the potion that makes you walk SO much Faster,(personally i liked the speed crystal's) and now it wore off and it WON'T leave me alone. i can't go anywhere b.c it keeps popping up. So I can't move or anything. i did manage to save it but stupidly i saved OVER the file b4 i took the potion. -.- Please help me!!! <3 nat19992
  8. omg thank you its SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpfull
  9. just once but i got it to work after a while
  10. use use your strongest attacks and spells
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