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  1. so i am suposed to find this temple in raven forest, where is that located. what are the blue and yellow starcrystal for?
  2. Hello Again :]

    ok thanks ^^
  3. Hello Again :]

    what if that squirrel's have the map already
  4. Magic Electives

    just saying but she goes evil wither you choose dark or not.
  5. Wall Mask!

    so i have searched everywhere, and i can't find a the missing wall mask. can someone please help me.
  6. Wall Mask!

    i found the mask, and now i feel like a dang heardler with these smile. >.
  7. Wall Mask!

    yes :]
  8. Wall Mask!

    slime puzzle???
  9. Patch Please!

    Hello. Yes IK It's has a while. But i Recently got the A:TLO and i am having a problem. I made some "Quicksilver" or the potion that makes you walk SO much Faster,(personally i liked the speed crystal's) and now it wore off and it WON'T leave me alone. i can't go anywhere b.c it keeps popping up. So I can't move or anything. i did manage to save it but stupidly i saved OVER the file b4 i took the potion. -.- Please help me!!! <3 nat19992
  10. Patch Please!

    Umm I ReDownloaded and Still There???

    omg thank you its SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpfull
  12. just once but i got it to work after a while
  13. nymth crystal

    what is it for???
  14. I have finished it!

    omg wow ur good
  15. aveyond-2

    use use your strongest attacks and spells
  16. I have finished it!

    it was easy and i was only lv 57
  17. Dawn of the Elves

    i think they should start a game with a guy instead of a girl all games are for girls pretty much i mean come on why not a gmae
  18. User Names

    i came up with this becuase normally i would use nate1992 but i though i would spice it up a little
  19. Passage Of Time (repost)

    wow... that's um... ya....
  20. Goodies

    look up winzip and download it and then install the program and then it should work
  21. Introduce Yourself (remade)

    helllo my name is nathaniel gruis and i love these games i have a real member for just bout 2 yearsbut i had so many accounts cuz all the lost data. im really 14 years old so im right age for these games lol no effence to any1 else i love pc game world of warcraft and lineage 2 and otheres
  22. Thail Mountain Pass

    i beat them or i just w8ed and ran when they were away from the stairs but then u have to make it past the lizards and haries so lvl up alot from bats
  23. Where are you when you post on AM...

    usually im at home but sometime im at a coffee shop or anywhere i can
  24. I have finished it!

    i just might do that
  25. I have finished it!

    lol me either i had help from the guide if ppl just looked at the guide they would know where to go and know how do get tehre and do it