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  1. @Ashen_Eclipse- Your desktop! I love it, Doctor Who is completely amazing!
  2. Hey all~ I need some help if you wouldn't mind; I found the first two flames for Mel's staff, but I can't find the third anywhere. I was hoping that one of you could guide me to the three, to see which I have and which I don't. I'd really appeciate it! Thanks! >O<
  3. *votes* Let me know when you get the demo working Twin~chan! ; - ;
  4. "Baka Black!!" Pink yelped, "Did you die! Please don't die!"
  5. v.v *causes computer viruses just by being the room* i understand
  6. Pink heard the words ice cream and continuously walked in circles trying to find it, "Where...." She mumbled
  7. everytime i go to the hotsprings, the game turns off! =O
  8. Baka Pink threw a random snowball-- aiming at no one. Not noticing where it went, she kept at it. It was fairly fun. She did however wonder what the others were babbling about for so long.
  9. =O c-candy shop?!? whoo! =D lol you're doing great Avey~chan!
  10. lol poor danny. but way to go tei'jal for making him not go~ awesome update, i loved it ^.^
  11. *downloads* whoo~ so excited xD thanks Twin~chan!
  12. WHOOOO! =D awesomenes~!!! lol i wanna see what happens next ^.^
  13. Im assuming its the last one-- with you know who in the cave. I just can't beat him! i've tried over and over with no preveil v.v so what im asking from all the kind people looking this over, what level should everyone be on? and is there any specific stragety that works well? Thankyou! =D
  14. GUAH! Thanks =D ^.^ *gifts random amount of points to everyone that posted*
  15. how do i get him to join? o.o and at which point.... he just keeps asking if mel wants to ditch everyone and she says no. without my input.... *might've actually let her leave with him if i had the option* help me please?
  16. xDDDD GAH! TERRAS SO CUTE!! i so cant wait~~~~!!!! *tries to figure out what Mitsuki's doing* is she playing sailor moon~?
  17. kitkat

    Edward's Diary

    =D whoo~ and Lydia is so a snob xDD
  18. Baka pink had to cover her mouth to NOT make sound at Avey falling on her, meanwhile, her other arm and legs were swinging up and down like she was having a tantrum.
  19. whoo~ great job~~ ^.^ ive been waiting for the development of this one since Mrs.Humphreys class first semester~ xD keep writing!
  20. Pink formed out the words "but i didnt say anything!!" with sticks.
  21. xDDDD "You're stealing Lars's signature move" xDDDDDD lol~~~ Tei'jal FTW~~ haha amazing update! i especially liked the sword and tavern owner part! xDDD
  22. Twin~chan already picked! he cant change his choice!
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