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  1. when i 1st played av1 i got so ticked off on being sold as a slave, i tried 2 do all i could 2 stop it. i tried not talking to peter, looked for alternative routes out of the village, i even thought the slave trader won't see the ring if i did not put it on. even after i realized being sold was the only option, the whole leaving-the-lovely-little-village thing kept on bugging me, and i kept on thinking everything will be alright and the game will be over as soon as i could reach clearwater again. i also forgot to train rhen and lars at the apprentice level, but i was too lazy to choose spells while fighting anyway, unless absolutely required. In GoN, medusa enchants edward and he joins her, so i got him killed off before going to fight medusa and thought he would be dead already. sadly, it didn't work. Heck, why do none of my "bright" ideas work??!!!
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