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  1. Ya, but after I get all the ingredients for the acid, I go to the alchemist shop and nothing happens. Acid is not a recipe so I can't make it, and no cut scene happens, so I assumed it was the glitch not picking up the Thindle root.
  2. I paid for the game. I think this site has always had problems updating builds, I got all games from it, and AV1 was on Build B, and AV2 was on Build A. But Av3-3 is the only one that is a game-ender. I feel so cheated out of my money
  3. I don't remember where, but I only downloaded it like a week ago, if they were going to update, it would have been done already. There isn't a patch here I can download?
  4. But I didn't get it from BFG, I got it from a different portal, the game just says BFG, so I guess whatever site I got it from was using the BFG version.
  5. I don't think I am, is there a place where I can update? I managed to load a point right before I took the quicksilver so I'm safe, but I'm going through that truth serum glitch as well. I got the game through a portal site, it's Big Fish Games, but I don't have a BFG account, so I can't do that thing posted on the truth serum post.
  6. If your wearing the speed sandals, and you take a quicksilver potion, it doesn't affect your speed, but once it wears off, you encounter a game-ending glitch. The notice "Quicksilver wears off" "it doesn't seem to effect your speed" appears on the screen non-stop. And when you unequip the sandals, only the first part shows, but it still never stops. It's impossible to play the game.
  7. How do I get the Golden egg in Gheledon?
  8. I guess I have Build A. I guess I played Build B when I played the Demo a long time ago.
  9. Thanks I found it. I got the game on Bigfish I think. But I'm fine with not updating, I'm already kinda far, unless I'm missing out majorly. But what I want to know is what version am I using exactly? I remembering playing the demo like right when this came out, and it was quite different. Then, as soon as you see Iya there was this mirror you got, and everyone froze in the ballroom, now, you have to go around and warn the kingdoms. Am I playing like version 2 out 3 possible versions, or am I playing some sorta super-old beta?
  10. I'm playing Aveyond 2 again, and when I get to Spire Mountains, where they say the weapons cave should be, there is nothing. This makes me wonder if I'm using an older version of Aveyond 2, and if I am, how do I update? I got the game through another site. What's happened so far is I escaped the elf village, went to Ravenwood, trapped the beast, got the canoe, went to Ryva, talked to green hair guy, and now am in Spire. Am I using an older version? And if I am does updating make a difference? And where is the Weapon cave?
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