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  1. it never gave me an error mesaage or nothing before it locked up.
  2. I had no other apps open at the time. mel was the battle leader it crashed just the once then when it let me in the game dragged for a couple scenes after word havent tried to enter there again since. i bought the game here on line Teh guy just asked to seee the invite and then it locked up and had to reboot to exit the scene then started over ther and thats when the game dragged for a while it never gave me an error message or nothing before it locked up. Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  3. I am using build b wht happened was i walk up to guy he ask for invite and then it completly locked up.
  4. has anyone had a problem when going to the party in underfall where ur computer lock up and u have to reboot it to exit and then reload game and then go to party and this time get to go in this usually happen when u are asked for your invitation?
  5. oh ok i tought maybe it was thenks for ur help.
  6. i could use a little help finding th harp string pls all help is always appreciated?
  7. how do u infreeze the dwarf in vernwood and how do u get the butterfly wings for dion th fairy?
  8. i am having trouble finding the treasure key and shovel opened almost all the chest could find maybe i missed some any help will be greatly appreciated?
  9. oh ok will looh thru walkthru again see if can find. thanks for all the help
  10. for some reason i lost the game and reinstalled it and the buy logo keep coming up i havent reached the one hour lockoff yet and seems all my game to be there for all the time i saved it will the game lock me out? i payed for the game but my unlock key was lost when my email account got hacked so lost the unlock key.game just locked me out.
  11. is there a map tht show where the goodie are located?
  12. i need help finding th anchor am looking everywher cant find it.
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