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  1. You can save at a Save Crystal. The first one you encounter is in your house, which is ~10 minutes into the game(unless you do a few sidequests before finding your house ). It is not possible to miss this crystal, so don't worry about that. You will also be given a teleport spell directly to the crystal, so you are never more than 5 seconds away from a save point. More save crystals will also become unlocked with their own teleports later in the game.
  2. UPDATE 10 September 20, 2011 Fixes( 5 ): - Your Maxed Skills are now properly tracked in the Stat Screen. - Full Potion is now named correctly. - Ship graphic error fixed. - Fixed general stat screen not recognizing name changes. - Exiting the stat command menu now brings you back to the main menu correctly. New Features( 18 ): - Merchanting is here! Buy merchanting items from the merchants near the docks, and use the action button in an empty stall to start the minigame once you have items. If you do not have any items or have items above what your merchanting level is, you will not be able to start the minigame. High merchanting levels give bigger discounts when buying from most shops, and higher buyback prices when selling to shops. Even though you can max merchanting out at 99, it is not considered a skill and will not count towards game completion by getting 99. - Water Treatment minigame, go to the Water Company to start(Must be so far along in storyline before you may start). Rewards include teleport to the Water Co. - The courthouse has been changed to a post office. - The Post Office has a letter delivery minigame. There are 22 possible different people you must deliver letters to, however you can continue to deliver letters for the reward after you've delivered more than 22. - Added item: Goody Bag. Gives a random amount of Gold and a random item upon opening, this item will be a reward from many different things. - The Police Dept. has a criminal arresting minigame. There are 10 possible different criminals(some aren't available if your combat skills are not high enough), however you can continue to arrest criminals for the reward after you've arrested all 10. - Minigame stats are now tracked in the stats menu. - Day 2 achievements are now in the game. - You can now help out in the Chore Room of the castle, however there is no reward(other than an achievement). Also, you'll need to find a key before being able to progress thru the castle basement. There's also a new minigame thing on Day 3 in the castle, it's a treasure hunt(stats not tracked in minigame tab on stat menu). - Day 3 achievements are now in the game. - Extra scene added in Day 4's Date Cutscene. - Day 4 achievements are now in the game. - There's now a few extra things to do during Day 5, such as looting the potion shops/chests you couldn't get to before in middle class houses, etc. - Day 5 achievements are now in the game. - The ending is now in the game. - Geocaching(called Caching ingame) is now a thing. Read the book in the mystery section of the library for an explanation and to be able to find geocaches. - Quest stats are now tracked in the stats menu. - Stat menu command window is now centered and has a title window. Note: Old save files may not work with the current update
  3. UPDATE 9 July 2nd, 2011 Fixes( 4 ): - Double Strike now does what it says, and has the correct graphic. - Some melee special attacks have had their SP usage changed. - All skills start at level 1 instead of 0 now. - A chest in the basement now remembers if you opened it already. Changes( 4 ): - Got rid of the Save and Game End options in the menu, also reorganized the menu. - Carpentry and Merchanting are no longer going to be skills. Carpentry has disappeared altogether and Merchanting is going to be a minigame implemented later. - The Travel Section in the Library has gone. - Some unused graphics are gone, making the download a bit smaller. New Features( 11 ): - Alchemy is now trainable! Speak with the Masters of Alchemy in their information houses(found east of the hotels) to learn spells. Cast spells to level up Alchemy. Alchemy is explained more in depth in the game by speaking with each Master of Alchemy. - Spirit is now trainable! Cast alchemy spells to train spirit. - 9 Helpful alchemy spells and 18 offensive alchemy spells. - Enemies are now in the Castle Basement and both Towers. Encounter style is similar to Lufia II's. - Masters of Battle now give you tips on the battle system in the information housing area. - Lockpicking is now trainable! Look for the house with they key sign on it near your house to train lockpicking. - When you reach 99 in a skill your total completion % goes up by 1 now. - Cooking is now Trainable! Look for the house with the sign with the cooking pot on it to train cooking. The house is one screen north of your house, and one screen south of the Town Square. There is a total of 19 recipes. - Collections are now in the game! There are 25 necklaces in total. To learn more, visit Waldo(2nd floor of town library). Collections contribute 5% towards your total completion %. - If you go to Lelan's house at night, you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with him(he's upstairs). You can pick 3 difficulties and who gets to go first. Lelan mentions this after you learn how to fight on Day 2, although you can do this on any night. There is currently no reward for winning, though the total amount of games, wins, losses, and draws are all kept track of. - Stat menu, with TONS of stats for you to look at! Go to the stat menu from the main menu(quest & minigame stats not done yet, and the organization of the menus will still probably change a bit). Let me know if any stats are wrong(old savefiles WILL have wrong stats).
  4. UPDATE 8 June 1st, 2011 Fixes( 6 ): - Burn and Poison states no longer go away after battle. - Attack/Item/Guard will no longer be disabled forever if you defeat all practice dummies on the first turn when learning a new move. - Lelan now calls you by the right name on Day 5 docks. - The teleport to the information houses now works. - Fixed a sign in the Rich Areas. - You can now read the diary on day 4 and 5. New Features( 8 ): - Potion shops now sell all the items they are planned to sell. - Jewellry shops now sell all the items they are planned to sell. - The plant shop now sells all the items it is planned to sell. - Pubs now sell all the items they are planned to sell. - Weapon/Armor shops now sell all the items they are planned to sell. - There are now 9 combat moves to be learned from Duncan in the Town, and 10 to be learned from Laverne in the castle. Some require Agility/Strength levels, others just require it to be past a certain day. - You can now race Gordo at night during Day 2. If you win, you'll unlock more races throughout the rest of the game. You can miss this if not done during Day 2 at night. There are 7 additional races not counting the one with Gordo. Completion of these get you numerous items, from some gold to a new teleport! All prizes revolve around agility, except for the last prize(a costume). - The biography and science sections in the library are now readable.
  5. UPDATE 7 May 6th, 2011 Fixes( 1 ): - May be less lag on some of the ship maps now. New Features( 5 ): - Furniture store done. You can now buy stuff for your house. Right now only the piano has a use(other than decoration), but in the future hopefully other items will have uses as well. - The note in your bedroom has changed. - Day 4 is fully playable. - Day 3 & 4 now have random battles in poor areas. - You now recover some HP when you Defend. - You can no longer adjust your "Through" setting. It has been replaced with the option to increase your gold. - Day 5 is fully playable(up to the ending).
  6. UPDATE 6 March 4th, 2011 Fixes( 5 ): - The castle basement hexagrams no longer disappear if you leave the room. - The difficulty will actually change now(though I still haven't been balancing much yet). - Bombs in the castle towers are now actual items in your inventory. - Changed the conditions the map required to open. Shouldn't break anything, but let me know if it does. - The Luck skill works now. New Features( 5 ): - I added a control panel(S key), where you can adjust your stats, as well as give yourself the ability to walk through walls. This is meant to help make testing how balanced everything is easier, so you don't have to train skills every time there is an update. It is up to you to use this feature responsibly, as changing your THROUGH setting could glitch cutscenes, or altering your stats and trying to train them could result in a glitch. This will be removed later, and is mainly meant to make battles possible in case I have overpowered some enemies. - You can now train Strength, Agility, and Endurance in the castle Barracks(After King's Permission). - Day 3 is now playable! - The Wep/Armor, potion, and jewelry shops sell stuff now. Stock is not final. - You can buy logs at Yard Magic(SE of Town Square) which can be used to start a fire in your fireplace(if you wait around near your fireplace it will replenish your SP slowly).
  7. UPDATE 5 February 8th, 2010 Fixes( 8 ): - Fixed a bug that occured when you had the map open and earned an achievement as a result of talking to the dock workers. - Unoccupied houses no longer light up when you are inside them at night. - You can now enter the training building right outside of the eastern tower in the castle maps. Interior is subject to change. - Fixed lots of things that, although were working in the current demo, would have stopped working in future planned updates. - The Luck Skill now helps out in combat slightly. - Some graphical oddities have vanished, please report any others you may find.(ex: text going off the screen, upper half of bush invisible, etc.) - Removed some graphics that are not going to be used, so the file should be a little smaller. - Fireplace Sound Effect no longer stays with you when you exit the house. New Features( 8 ): - You can now adjust the difficulty(only affects battles). - Strength is now trainable! Head to the gym in the Town Square to train it. - Agility is now trainable! Head to the gym in the Town Square to train it. - Endurance is now trainable! Head to the gym in the Town Square to train it. - Random Encounters have been added in Poor districts(Only after you learn how to fight). They are more common at night. I plan on adding more to these random encounters later, but was short on time for this update. - The hospital will heal you now! - Angie's potion shop sells stuff now. Prices/stock will probably change, though. - Day 2 events are done. You can now play up to the start of day 3. NOTE: Day 2 achievements are not working right now. Balancing won't happen until armors and weapons are figured out, some stuff may be too easy/hard.
  8. UPDATE 4 December 27th, 2010 Fixes(3): - Some lamp posts that didn't light up at night before do now. - You can now enter all rooms of the castle hotel. - The kings no longer look alike. New Features(5): - The game is now playable up to Day 2. - Fishing is now trainable! To train it, talk to the sailor on the pier in the centermost dock map. - Teleportation is now trainable! To train it, simply teleport places(there are only two teleports in the game currently, one for your house and one to the Teleportation Masters who can be found just east of the hotels). - Luck is now trainable! To train it, speak with the old man near the fountain in the Town Square. - You can now adopt a pet by visiting the animal shelter in the Town Square, and there will be a woman right outside the shelter who will give you a quest. Once adopted, your pet will be in the second floor of your house, and needs to be fed/played with regularly(however if you don't feed/play with him nothing bad will happen). On a side note, I plan to finish the main story quest BEFORE working on extra sidequests and minigames, although some will be added in with every update, the bulk of them won't be. I also plan to update monthly. I also added a little hint for the teleporter puzzle in the castle basement.
  9. UPDATE 3 November 19th, 2010 Fixes(2): - Some objects on the ships have had their passage settings changed to make walkable areas more realistic. - Removed some lag causing events from the more heavily evented maps. Hopefully everything runs smooth now. New Features(5): - Castle Basement is done. This is a 100% OPTIONAL dungeon in the game, but still let me know if it is too hard or complicated. - The town interior is finally done. There are a total of 161 poor houses, 44 middle class houses, and 12 rich houses with some inns, apartments, shops, and miscellaneous buildings too. - Saving has been disabled from the menu. To save, go to your house and on the second floor there is a save crystal. If you have trouble finding it, you should have a Home Teleport spell that will teleport you to it. - The introduction is done. Let me know what you think. - Bank system is in place. There are 4 types of accounts you can open, each slightly different.
  10. Hey guys, just thought I'd update you on what's going on with this game as I haven't updated this thread in a while. I'm still working on it, although I don't expect another update to the demo for at least another month. Making the interiors of all the houses is taking a long time, and there will still be no storyline/NPC's yet, but after the next update ALL the mapping will be done.
  11. That's the day 5 map of the overworld. You can see the different days by talking to the soldiers at the top of the leftmost dock map in the town, although the only thing that changes right now is the overworld(it gets smaller since the island is sinking). EDIT: Yeah, it's not really explained yet. Thanks for pointing stuff like that out, even though this time it wasn't a glitch, it really helps me out!
  12. Hmm thanks for finding that torch bug! I would never have thought to test that! I think the castle feels unfinished because there are no NPC's, I can't really think of what else to add in the Throne Room besides people. Nothing is changed in the town except the map And the arrow should work... here is a pic of how to make an arrow with boulders. http://www.caspergaming.com/arrow.png[/img] If this is what you have and it's not working, I'll have to take a look at that.
  13. I was thinking about doing that but then I got lazy! I'll redo the housing quarters for the next update so they say if they are poor, rich, or middle class. EDIT: Map is fixed to say whether the housing is poor middle class, or rich UPDATE 2 August 27th, 2010 Fixes(2): - Fixed the map to say "Rich Housing", "Poor Housing" or "Middle Class Housing" instead of just the generic "Housing." - Cut out unnecessary database entries, so the actual download is smaller by a little. New Features(3): - Professions window accessible from the menu, however the levelling system is not built yet. - The two towers on each side of the castle are done. They are each 5 floors with 3 rooms on each floor, and many puzzles for you to solve! Let me know if anything is too hard or complicated. Keep in mind they are 100% OPTIONAL dungeons, and will not be accessible until halfway through the game. - The Castle Interior is done. There are a total of 11 maps to explore in the castle, so make sure you check them all out! Few NPC's added, and the ones that are there offer tips. They will all be changed when I start eventing, so please don't complain about the bad dialogue right now. Merged Post. ~Mopiece
  14. Ahh sorry maybe I should have specified. This is not really an RPG as there is only one town and one castle, and not too much battling. This is kind of a cross between a SIM game and an RPG. Expect an update within the next few days with the exterior castle maps, and a few other things that people here said. Also, in the new update I don't think you'll ever be getting lost bump for update. UPDATE 1 July 27th, 2010 Fixes(3): - Fixed some lag issues in maps with many events. - You can now enter the castle-themed Hotel in the town. - Bridges now line up with the ground instead of floating. New Features(3): - Day/Night system (100% evented, let me know if any problems occur) to test it out, talk to the pirate in red on the leftmost(westmost) dock map in the town. - Map System (100% evented, let me know if any problems occur) to test it out, hit the X button(the A key on your keyboard by default). It will only show on castle / town maps. To scroll the town map down, press down. To scroll it back up, press up. To get out of the map, use the cancel button(the X key on your keyboard by default, other keys that work: Esc, Num 0) - 12 Castle exterior maps to explore. New things in this thread(2): - Screenshots. - Explains default controls and what they do. Merged Post. ~Mopiece
  15. Yes, I intend it to be large with many NPC's to do sidequests for, kind of like GTA except without the gangster storyline, or assassins creed(with the big open city maps). There are no doors because they have nowhere to go to yet x.X I'll add doors in the next update, when I finish the castle maps. I'll also add some screenies in the next update You can hold SHIFT down to dash, if you aren't familiar with default RPGVX controls. EDIT: I have tossed around some ideas of quick transportation(Sprint Shoes, Hot Air Balloon, Underground System, Teleport Spells, etc.) but these won't be available until I get a little farther making this game.
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