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  1. How do you become an evil minion? I tried to be completely evil, but there isn't even an option to marry Togami.


    Edit: I looked at the Hanako forum and figured it out. Took me a few tries playing through the game...I didn't realize that you needed an extra crystal AND that you needed to talk to Julianna about it.

  2. Hey! Just noticing that for whatever reason, I cannot equip the fitted bow and the items given by the grateful blacksmith in Garrison after rescuing his son. I don't know if these problems were solved in a later version?


    Really really love the game. I noticed that a lot of these posts are from 2009. So...any chance I can find the other chapters? :P

  3. Hey. Just started playing the game. Like it so far, but everything is so tiny. Any way to maximize the screen?



    Edit: I think it has something to do with the rtp I downloaded. Your link on the first page did not work, so I downloaded it from http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package#vx



    Edit 2: Hey, so I absolutely LOVE this game so far!!! I love how the quests are SUPER organized and get more info on them. Graphics are good, but tiny. The story so far is AWESOME! It's gets a little annoying sometimes to keep avoiding the "monsters". I'm all for leveling up, but after a while I just want the story...GREAT game! I would totally buy a game like this. :)


    I'm stuck at the Thieves Cave. Have to find items. Used tinderbox, but there is nowhere to go! Obviously, I need to find a note for the thieves' password, but I can't find it. Help please! :)

  4. Hi, I'm stuck trying to find the small thief and/or conquer the monster hiding under the bridge. I'm tried talking to people and attacking all squirrels/monsters I see. Have not found the small thief...although there is one monster I cannot conquer...Found no way to attack the monster under the bridge. It makes a sound when I go by, but if I press "space", nothing happens. Help please! :)

  5. Yes, Zorom is the dark wizard I was referring to.


    Thanks for the quick answer.


    I checked in that area, but could not find it. So I did a quick search in my computer, found it, and pasted it somewhere else where I can easily reach it.


    I hope this works:




    Thanks so much!

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