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    It's here! ... almost!

    I thought Rhen's Quest was long enough, but is this even going to be longer?! Now I'm even more excited. Can't wait to be blown away.
  2. shadowshed

    How can I watch anime in iOS?

    I don't know. I can only think of streaming it online. Safari allows streaming right?
  3. shadowshed


    I was once recommended to manage my time (between being productive and the proscratination break time) using this android application Pomodoro ClearFocus. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=personal.andreabasso.clearfocus&hl=en> I tried it out, and it actually help. Probably you should try it too. Happy working and procrastinating!
  4. shadowshed

    Anime Reviews

    Now, now, we're all aware and excited about the new Digimon Adventure tri, right? It really brings back to my childhood. I don't really remember the story, but one thing I still remember strongly was the part when a digimon died. And I was and now still feel sad about it... But the OST is the thing I seem to remember well! And the way they bring back those songs made me so moved.
  5. shadowshed

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    Finally, AV4 I'd love to test too. Count me in
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    Oh, come on, there are more! Remember Elini? Or some boy from the past? There are more characters in the party
  7. shadowshed


    www.vision.org/visionmedia/origin-of-hell/41044.aspx Origin of Infernal Hell?
  8. shadowshed

    I knew it! Human intelligence and evolution.

    Quote: "A hunter-gatherer who did not correctly conceive a solution to providing food or shelter probably died, along with his/her progeny, whereas a modern Wall Street executive that made a similar conceptual mistake would receive a substantial bonus and be a more attractive mate. Clearly, extreme selection is a thing of the past," lol. Can't disagree with it. Just what kind of selection exists in our society?
  9. shadowshed

    Mirror World

    Hiya, I'm just saying that the last character I was submitting is already sent, if you haven't read it yet. And yes, looking for a writer should help very much. Especially if you're planning with character romance which might go to triangle love or something akin xD ---- oh, and you actually can capture the monitor screen by pressing the print screen button. Cuz I can see your hand there
  10. shadowshed

    Making battles interesting rather than annoying

    Then, maybe get the certain monster to drop something rarely. At least I will beat some to get just a little chance. There are also RPGs that used side quests to fight monsters in quite amount. Oh, and if it's monster like on the bridge, could it be at least lone? Just to save more time.
  11. @Kirroha: Well, to be honest I haven't been further than the Sydeas after all. My homework and my laziness are such perfect combo. *facepalm* Oh, and I'd probably like to mention that Cole's shirt colour doesn't really match the sprite that I kinda checking if it was the right dude. I mean, is the white sleeves and colar. Or I'm being picky again. *stops before continuing to the height difference*
  12. Woah! That second shot! *points abruptly* Feel like seeing a shot of some VN there XDD Great CGs you got, Kirroha!
  13. shadowshed

    Mouse Script - Right Click?

    @Kirroha: The right-click works fine with the save/load in normal menu during the gameplay. The one it's having problem was the Main Menu/Title Menu's load, though.
  14. shadowshed

    Two Random Questions

    @agas: I still think the story is the same with the title, within this case. Iya was jumping into a big trouble without knowing, and Ean went into mission to bring her back. Yes, the problem is Snow Queen messing with her soul and how the scheme goes, etc. But the quest is still Ean in his mission to save Iya and go home.
  15. shadowshed

    Two Random Questions

    @esme Can't tell. It might sound like Rhen's back story when she became slave, really. Or not, because Iya had chosen to follow the Queen to begin with. Her rebellion only started when Ean showed her the Queen's scheme. Which means, she's kind of pathetic...? *shrugs*
  16. Can I join the team too? I really liked the first demo.
  17. shadowshed

    Two Random Questions

    I must admit that without second/third thought, I'd say that Ean is very bland. But after some thinking, I'm starting to pity him. He might be lacking strong emotions or not showing his emotions very well, but there're also a lot of characters like that in other story and they drive good. What I am trying to say is, that his such personality is supposed to be fine. At least if he can't show emotions, the other characters should be able to cover him, especially Iya. His relationship between the party members and with the whole story is so distant. Everyone joined without remarkable event at all. Even the most of good side quests were triggered by the other party members, that it felt like Ean weren't there. Even the final quest turned the whole mission of restoring Iya's soul into some kind of putting a stop to the world's enemy invasion. Or so what I remembered. So, not completely Ean's fault, though. @wolfie girl- re: the story is not even about Ean Not really. Well, at least that's what the title says: Aveyond: Ean's Quest. That whole adventure of his is his story. His quest of saving Iya. I assume that the impression came *again* from how almost everything at the story didn't support the journey of his doing duty. The mistake is that the story was so on the surface that it made players didn't even know what they're playing if they're not paying attention.
  18. shadowshed

    Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

    That was only a second that the atmosphere changed. Fii was bewildered of the rapid sounds of footsteps and clickings from the corridors. The other girl also seemed a bit surprised and was thinking of something. "I'm Zari," "What's your name - wait, no. Look, you seem nice. I've been here for a long time and I'll tell you that the people her are anything but." Fii raised her eyebrow at this Zari's remark when she already ripped off the straps on her legs with glass shard. But her hands were still chained and she called again. "Hey, girl. You're not chained yet. Can you check something? Are these doors locked or unlocked? Be quiet and still and don't make a sound, you hear?" Fii didn't like how she called her, but she had to put aside those thoughts and face it right. Zari's remark earlier already hinted that she's a lot different from the others patients there, and it made her the weakest. The doors would be unlocked? Did she mean that clicking sounds were from opening them? Swallowing her saliva, Fii followed what she's asked and pulled the door very slowly. It actually moved and made a little noise. After she's sure it's unlocked, she gave Zari a nod.
  19. shadowshed

    Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

    Fii was calmed down from her tears when she heard a voice. "Hey, new girl." What was that? Was it calling for me...? No! Don't! Not again! She was taken aback by the voice and became angrier, wondering just how many people were inside the facility. The voice came from outside, and apparently called in again. It was quiet but she could clearly listen to the persisting calls. And before long, a voice belong to a female already asked her a question. "Why are you here, girl?" The moment Fii thought of answering it, she just didn't know what to say or even do. Though she wanted to be alone, but there was a feeling that ignoring her won't help her situation. She just met a heck annoying doctor and there were probably other staffs around. She approached the wall to see who was speaking with her and stood there. She gazed upon the other girl, she was tall and looked athletic before slowly gave her a short answer. "My... my parents did it."
  20. shadowshed

    Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

    ((Sorry, I was out of connection. And about interacting each other patients, I think Fii got some gut to make an escape with others(she's been thinking of that, in fact). What do you guys think?)) *Knock knock* Fii's head dozed from the sudden sounds. She tried to look what happened, and found a man dressed in white opened and closed the door. Her head was aching mysteriously, followeing his movements. He came closer to her bed and spoke. "Fii Natalie?" Upon concluding that the man was some sort of doctor, Fii frowned, avoiding his gaze. She uncomfortably made a noise to respond and silently cursed her miserable life. "Hmm? Aren't you the quiet one?" the doctor leaned to look her eyes, but sent backward again when she suddenly hid her face away. Gosh!!! Why should be people here..?! Damn!! They're so annoying!! But, should this be good or bad? If he believes I'm under control, I'd only need to act- "Okay, I think I'll leave for now. You need to adapt with this room... and me," the unnamed doctor stepped away before turning his back again. "Oh, and my name is Dr. Gracen Reid," with his introduction he got out. -------------------- Fii's thoughts still lingered on how she'd act in this prison, not paying attention to the doctor's weird name. She was remembering that she always acted in front of others, and now that she'll keep doing that, she broke down again and struggled inside her blanket, crying. I'll never forgive them to make you suffer like this, Fii. It's okay, I'll continue to protect you afterall. She regretted and calmed a bit after hearing the whispers, and fell asleep once again.
  21. shadowshed

    Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

    ((what? Now? Well, let's start then)) Huh, where am I? Fii blinked to the ceiling and rubbed her eyes. But she couldn't lift her arms. They were held onto the bed strongly. Fii started to remember what happened before, and cursed quietly. Well, she admitted it never crossed in her mind that she'd placed in such place. "If you care to send me here, why don't you just mend things over there!" she growled. I'm tired of this...! Let me go... Just leave me alone...! She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. And then she tried to scan her surroundings and stared at the dark walls. It.. it almost felt that she only existed alone there. Granted such of thoughts, a faint smile formed by her mouth. She could at least felt peace, stay far away away from lives
  22. shadowshed

    Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

    I'm here at last! Mental Patient Name: Fii Natalie Age: 15 Race: Asian Height: 152 cm Weight: 40 kg Gender: female Picture: [] Fii has small frame, black-colored shoulder-length hair, and is skinny. Condition: post traumatic stress, avoidant personality disorder. Reason For Being Here (Why you were accused of being insane, what did you do): Fii was feeling suppressed and down, thus went wild. She trashed her room and refused to meet anyone, including her parents. She had hurt herself quite badly in frustration. Personality: a bit introverted, negative thinking, never trust people. Biography (Why you did what you did): Fii's family has never been in good relationship. Her parents once had a big fight that changed her life forever. She hates human and can only see this world full with insensitive people. Other Information: She eventually used to be a cheerful girl when she was small.
  23. shadowshed

    How do you like your Endings?

    Ditto ivana. I even find that status like "exhausted" strange. Dead in battles is different with dead in 'actual' events, and everyone knows it. If a character dies outside from a battle(a.k.a canon), well, cuz it's how the story goes. But if a battler dies in normal battle, it's because he's lost all of his life points. No life points = dead.
  24. shadowshed

    Roleplay Discussions

    "So is that supposed to be a good or bad thing? Fantasy genre, especially one with high/epic fantasy setting, seems to be closely related to adventure, and the storyline goes like "hero and party goes adventuring to defeat Big Bad" yadda yadda." ^ I don't think it as either bad or good thing. Depends on the RPers and how the plot goes, any kind of story will get through. Same goes with beat-the-bad-guy kind of story. If the thread starter can lead the story into some twist or complication, it would mostly be very interesting. Since I'd always prefer simple but intriguing stories/adventures, afterall XD So in the practice, the person that will effectively give the tension would be the thread starter or someone who leads the RP, or so I think.
  25. shadowshed

    How do you like your Side Quests?

    I like sidequests with big rewards, like special equipments and so. Sidequests that's fun, challenging, and has moral value are also great. Speaking about characters, wouldn't it be nice if sometimes the chara can attend to a sidequest by their own? Maybe some NPC wants them to play waitress? Anything fun should do