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  1. There are many caves there..but which cave are u talking about?
  2. Thank Mihai, I figured it out. But, how can I go to the other side of the forest? I can see a bag of coins in the green cliff and the other side. Can u plz tell me how to reach there?
  3. This is very true, staying young from heart is really important even when we grow up or even in 70s and 80s.
  4. can anyone plz tell me how to go to Clear water from Riven Forest? I can see the signboard saying ''Clearwater:Northeast'' but can't find the way.
  5. Thanks a lot ^^ I didn't see that actually at the beginning and I thought it was bug. Sorry for the harassment.
  6. In the demon caves, when I try to solve the slime puzzle, and when I try to open the down right cage, then the option '' open the gate?'' isn't showing, but for others it is. I have a blue slime there and can't put the other blue slimes. Can anyone plz kindly help me out? thanks in advance! ^^ Moved to Technical Questions. ~Mopiece
  7. thanks a lot guys, I already got it. ^^
  8. Hey, Can anyone kindly please help me with this quest? Where is the mask or how to get? Thanks in advance! ^^
  9. Can you plz tell me where exactly they're? coz I found everywhere in the town but couldn't see them.
  10. Can anyone please tell me how do I get this quest? I didn't a thing of it. thanks in advance.
  11. oooo!!! thanks a lot!!!! found out the answer, this the correct way to the will: Edited out answer. Please just let other players figure it out themselves. Wait until the game has been out a little while. ~Mopiece
  12. I saw there is already a topic for it, but it is locked so I had to create another one here. It is the puzzle for the ship quest and I am really stuck. I was trying from the right side and did complete halfway http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/3516/av3k.jpg[/img] where 2 go after this? Can help plz?
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