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  1. No, I haven't abandoned this. I'm hard at work, but a game is a bit harder than I thought it would be to create
  2. Sorry to everyone keeping track of this for not updating. I've been absolutely swamped with end of the semester college classes! Right now I'm putting this on a (VERY!!!) temporary hiatus until I'm finished with end of the Semester course work.
  3. Sorry to everyone keeping track of this for not updating. I've been absolutely swamped with end of the semester college classes! Right now I'm putting this on a (VERY!!!) temporary hiatus until I'm finished with end of the Semeester course work.
  4. Yannes, thanks for the post! Thanks for the mapping advice. That village map and the room map were among the first I worked on and I'd like to say I've improved since then. Henry is one of my more favorite characters because he is the only one with a class change. Right now I'm working on a swamp map and a pirate side-quest. I hope to have everything ready for beta in January. I've ran into a couple of snags regarding the website. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent Xoops forum module? In the mean time the temporary forum can be found here
  5. Dev Note: I've got one of the bigger maps in the game done, and I've found hosting for the website. It should be going up in a few days.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate any advice you might have, I'm new to this.
  7. Synopsis The Darkness is rising. The Deamon prince has returned, and it will take the power of the Aether to put him back to rest. A summoner must go on a journey to rescue the six aethers, and gain their power to defeat the daemon lord, her father, along the way she is joined by a well meaning but stuffy paladin, Diane, A love struck witch, Cassidy, and a mysterious rogue with whom she shares an odd connection. She initially starts her journey with her two best friends, black and white mage siblings. World Development: The World of Emaris is divided into several different principalities from the City of Sand and Blood, where the gladiator arena is held, to BriarWood, the City of Witches and Outcasts. The greatest of these is the Kingdom of Alexandria, this is the only “nation”. The rest of the world is composed of villages. Aside from the dessert which is ruled by the Child Empress. To the north is a nation split by a river and constantly at war. There was once another nation, the Centillions, but long ago they preformed some ancient magick that separated themselves from the rest of the world. Finally there is the Nation Of Elves, protected on every side by mountains so high neither dragons nor airships can traverse them. They are currently at war with the Child Empress and have cut themselves off from the world outside their kingdom. Our story begins in Braiden Town, a villager of summoners. Characters: Linae Young- 18 Linae is the daughter of the last Summoner of Braidentown. Her greatest fear is that she won’t live up to her mother’s memory. She is a reluctant hero and only became a summoner because it runs in her blood, and duty called. Her quest for the aether leads her to discovering that it doesn’t matter who’s memory you live up to, it’s the memory’s you make. She can command the power of the spirits and later learns some basic healing spells from Henry. Henry Crosier, 18 Henry is a White mage and Velma’s older brother. He is the life long friend of Linae, and wants to live his sleepy old village and explore the world. He is collected and very studious and has a slightly bookish attitude. He has had a crush on Linae since she saved his life when they were younger. Although he would never admit it to her. He underestimates himself and grows from a timid white mage to a powerful sorcerer over the course of the game. Velma Crosier, 16. Velma, Linae’s black mage best friend, and Henry’s little sister. Velma is the comedian in the trio. Between Henry’s seriousness and Linae’s commitment to duty she is the one that will see the light in any situation, and crack a joke at the least appropriate time. She would much rather stay in their sleepy little village, get married, and raise a family. She understands that sometimes duty has to be put before yourself, her father taught her that when he died. Don’t underestimate this Snarky Tongued teenager though, she can command the power of the elements through her black magic. Screenies: I'll be updating this forum regularly. Facebook, Twitter, and Website to follow. Edited to Add; Features: Sideview Battle System by Jet Journal by Modern Algebra 30+ side quests 2 "DLCs" that will be availible after game launch 6 "Goodie maps"
  8. Is there any idea what the next aveyond game will be? On another topic a couple of newsletters ago you guys mentioned that Amaranth Games might release games on the DS, has there been any progress on this?
  9. When is the proposed release date, if there is one set yet? Could you add goodie caves like in AV2 and 3? Will Jack, Fred, Alicia and Haddan get updated sprites as well? Finally can you make a use item option in the combat screen?
  10. Oh, alright. Then I guess you can lock this.
  11. What happened to Fredrick, You know the supremely awesome shapeshifter?
  12. Okay thanks for answering all my questions. You can lock this now.
  13. One last goodie question. Are they marked like they were in ToL and GoN?
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