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  1. Welcome back, Azura! :kawaii-silly:

    1. Azura


      Yay I’m back! Once again haha! XD Good to see you’re still around Meroko!! >3333< ❤️

  2. Meroko

    Have you been to any conventions (fantasy etc.)?

    I've been a keen follower of cosplay conventions and bl expos. Lately I haven't been going as much and I don't think I will be frequenting as often as well, since I dun think I can follow up with seasonal anime updates. But I do really love the cosplay community and how passionate everyone is. It's like you just met this stranger at an cosplay event and 5 minutes into talking, you're connected to each other on a spiritual level I've cosplayed Nezumi (from No. 6) and Princess Mononoke (Studio Ghibli). I made the latter costume from scratch and final verdict was that never to sew stuffs myself again and ask for a professional tailor to handle it instead hahahaha
  3. Meroko

    Doodled doodles (?)

    Thank you Chloe-cchi
  4. Meroko

    Introduce Yourself :)

    haha yup I've tried playing Mystic Messenger (/nudges at your profile picture) but dropped it when the update washed away my save data lol
  5. Meroko

    Old Guild Outlines

    Am on pc rn and just checked the section. Wish there were more to the descriptions though...will think on it
  6. Meroko


    This link might help as well.
  7. Meroko

    Aveyond ships

    Good news; you're not alone! Used to be a hardcore RxL shipper. But am a full-fledged RxD shipper now. I guess age made me played AV1 unbiased of the hairstyle (learnt to love the half-bald) and finally hopping aboard the RxD ship hahahaha
  8. Meroko

    Introduce Yourself :)

    Thought I'd re-introduce myself again (formally) since I've went on hiberation for like 3 years (uni life devoured my teenage years why thank you) and I doubt anyone here remember me (or if they're still here lol and I totally should stop writing in bracketssss) Ahem, hi, I'm Meroko. In my early twenties rn. Am a dentist in the making. AV1 was my fave old school rpg and unsurprisingly it still is. Am also a huge fan of To The Moon, Ib, The Witch's House and almost every Japanese horror rpg (if you guys are familiar with vgperson and her translation works) I'm still in contact, on other social platforms, with some of my very best online friends I made here. It's amazing how friendships do last So yeah /off to explore the forums.
  9. Meroko

    Old Guild Outlines

    Ok guys, tell this old man more about the revamped guilds. Where do I read the guild descriptions or is it the same as before? Was previously a member of the Druids, fyi, since I loved the guild's theme.
  10. Meroko

    Old Guild Outlines

    Oooh we're reviving the guilds back on the new site? Definitely would love to help out if there's something you need
  11. Meroko

    Guild Tags!

    Now that brings me back to the good ol' times :') The badges are lovely; though I wouldn't mind some green in the Druids tag!
  12. Meroko

    Doodled doodles (?)

    Am definitely gonna check out your fics after my finals (finishing them in a week's time! And now what's the password to my FF.net acc again...)
  13. Hey there, Mu11berry!

    I just happened to login now and saw your PM. I know it's dueee like 2 months but letting you know your msg really made my day. :heart:


    1. Mu11berry


      Haha, don't worry about it, I am a slow writer so XD XD

      I'm glad it made your day!! You deserve it <3 

  14. Meroko

    What AV 1 Character Are You?

    Oh wow I got Lars Tenobor Didn't know I could be such a snob lol
  15. Meroko

    Doodled doodles (?)

    Thank you Mu11berry! Haven't been drawing at all for over 6 months and now your comment just triggered me to draw another RxD fanart <3 It's a shame really that this ship doesn't get enough love from the fans ; w ; And do link me to your RxD fics if you ever written one cuz honestly have only ever read RxL fics or with AU settings and would definitely loooooove to see more RxD as well