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Status Updates posted by Meroko

  1. Welcome back, Azura! :kawaii-silly:

    1. Azura


      Yay I’m back! Once again haha! XD Good to see you’re still around Meroko!! >3333< ❤️

  2. Hey there, Mu11berry!

    I just happened to login now and saw your PM. I know it's dueee like 2 months but letting you know your msg really made my day. :heart:


    1. Mu11berry


      Haha, don't worry about it, I am a slow writer so XD XD

      I'm glad it made your day!! You deserve it <3 

  3. Hello Emma! Looks like we can use this Profile Feed in the stead of Cottages for this meanwhile XDDDD

    1. Emma.


      Hi Mero! Long time no see.

      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I try to get used to all this new site.. I miss the guilds tho...

    2. Meroko


      Awwn I miss the old site as well...and guilds do not appeal to ppl anymore (guessing from the fact that no one has joined guilds after 2012 or sth) Your goal to be recruited in W&W went gone then... :v

    3. Emma.


      well I still wanted to be a witch. But I just couldn't rack up the gold.. which was a bummer. I've just been so busy with exams and stuff. And now it's starting again... *sigh*.

      Anyways, how are you?