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  1. @everyone, thanks alot for all you useful advice! wow, so many things to consider! i am grateful i posted this thread! right now, the most appealing job for me would be architecture, it has a required average that i will hopefully be able to score with ease, and is very demanded here, according to my research, but as some of you mentioned earlier, you have to be exceptionally good, so i am in a mess right now. however, my main goal now is to get the grades, then i will think about that.
  2. @nicnikkiz, i am too cowardly, to my ultimate despair
  3. yay, more options! how about bio-technology, it sounds interesting
  4. my view has already changed so much from all this advice, i want to thank you all. going by what Haneul said, my second most favourite thing would be biology, wonder what i could do with that, i'm certain its a much more stable career than art.
  5. @KTC, but your job is like 50% of your lifetime, if not more. something you have to go through every single day, you say you don't like school, but school is not like your future career; school is temporary, you can forget about how annoying it is by thinking that it'll be over with soon, (which by the way works extra well in the senior year ) but your job is not the same thing, you can quit if you like, but that means no more money to support you, IMO, a job is a implied obligation, so might as well do something you enjoy.
  6. @KTC, "How enjoyable your job is to you is entirely irrelevant. What matters is how much you earn for your job" but won't a job you do not like or want to do, become a tedious ritual in your lifestyle with time??
  7. wow, so much prospects and points of view! i'm really glad i posted this thread. :D as for architecture, aren't there 'offices', where you get a place, receive orders (jobs), fill them up, get paid with profit to this office you work in? and the office sort of pays you pocket money eitherway? my uncle also suggested that i get a masters in administraion, along with whatever major i make up my mind on... Ps. my grandmother passed away today, so i guess this kindof changes the siuation
  8. @ all, I never ever considered an art major but thank you so much for letting me know its not a good major :loving: :loving: :loving: alot of people have medicine degrees here, and we have alot of pharmacies, as frequent as 1 every 1.5 blocks. and I would love to be a nurse but nurses here are not only under-paid but the society dislikes them. I am certain I do not have guts to be a doctor. how about architecture? any advice on this field????
  9. BACKGROUND TO PART OF THE STORY *kindof* AND MY CURRENT LIFE-CONDITIONS, YOU CAN SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU LIKE: so, I just got my life into track, since I practically spent the last 7 months 'preparing' for the future, ie. university, I was dead to alot of things, old friends, school clubs, my art, etc. I went through 2 months of what my family decided to call 'The Great Depression', I became temperamental, emotional, lost any shred of self-confidence and esteem, and became so darn lazy. This, unfortunately, reflected on my report card (which I received yesterday) by me just barely escaping Bs. This was what I would like to call my 'wake up slap' which made me snap out of me depression (which was caused by stress btw), much to the relief to my bestie (who has been a wonderful listener to my rage-rant fits) and my family. I get serious again at school, but a week later my grandma suffers a heart-attack and now the whole house is thrown into havoc, we have two heart patients to supply with medicine (which is very expensive here),and me and uni fees to think of, which drastically limited my choice of uni. THE MAIN POINT: I chose a university I really like and can thankfully fit our budget. But I have no idea what to study there and this 'ambiguity' as I call it has cause me to take biology, chemistry, and physics this year (so if I have to make a last minute choice, I'll have decent choices). I've also begun with Calculus, I take English Literature and Grammar, but not very adept at either, I just have to because I am not a native English speaker, I did not apply for art courses (despite my deep love for it) because our art teachers do not take it as a 'serious-subject-that-can-make-your-good-future' but rather as 'a-hobbyist-subject-to-fill-up-course-work' and teach them under that conception,ie. not seriously, not as real ART, but as how to make flowers from tissue papers, which ticks me off. So my question [/b]is, can someone give me advice for a career choice that will suit my likes and provide me a good future? And by good future I mean a stable job, a nice income to help my family, while at the same time something I enjoy?? I do look forward to replies from college or uni students, as their experience could very much help me. And also from people who still didn't get into college or uni, maybe we could help each other decide??? And advice from anyone else is welcome too (Grandies, mommies, daddies, the pizza guy, yellow aliens, cat-hybrids, Eco-folks, etc, etc, etc) love you all Moon
  10. that makes a good point, we're just waiting for the cold to go away before adopting because our house is draughty and the puppy would get cold, might get sick, extra bills lol, plus sick puppies break hearts ;(
  11. 8-10 weeks old should be old enough for it to adopt to its new home, am i wrong?
  12. hmm, this is a tough choice, each has advantages & disadvantages, but if we get the puppy from a good breeder, it should be vaccinated right? i mean responsible breeders should do that
  13. we have a huge yard outside, and i don't think he'll want to go inside
  14. we have a huge yard outside, and i don't think he'll want to go inside
  15. thank you all, wow, so many breeds, i already started researching, but wanted the advice of people who already have experiences with dogs, what is better, a puppy or an adult, i mean puppies are ver adorable, but i'm guessing they need more care right?
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