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  1. lilacXemerald

    Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

    Wow, well done, Azure-chan! Btw, I've noticed something) Forte Avalon Nero Thanos Albel Shea Ignitio Alviss And Zephyr. But these names were made like this... On purpose?
  2. lilacXemerald

    Time Zone

    I'm in GMT +1
  3. lilacXemerald

    new zodiac sign

    @KTC, I know, but still... Even Chinese zodiacs are based on the 4 elements, with the 5th in the middle xD
  4. lilacXemerald

    Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

    Azure-chan, is it a secret, why is Zeph's face covered? And will we see him with no mask?
  5. lilacXemerald

    new zodiac sign

    As far as I know, both the animal and star zodiacs symbolize the 4 elements - fire, water, air, earth. long ago people also tried to find the 5th element - aether. But they couldn't as aether couldn't bring material meaning, and in Japanese elements in was described as something "higher than air" or Heaven. But as many people suppose, the 5th element (if it were found) would be just something like the ultimate element and there would still be 12 zodiacs in every system. As for me, I would believe in horoscopes, if someone made me a personal one. And as i've already mentioned, my sign doesn't suit me at all....
  6. lilacXemerald

    Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

    I would prefer seeing Abel's previous look too(
  7. lilacXemerald

    new zodiac sign

    Well, I DO think our lives are affected by the planets and stars. (if the moon influences the water level in oceans, what about us?). But there are more constellations in the sky than 12 zodiacs.
  8. lilacXemerald

    Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

    Azure-chan, were the characters' sprites drawn using a tablet?
  9. lilacXemerald

    User Names

    Nice to meet you all) And theone, your nickname is very unique indeed))
  10. lilacXemerald

    new zodiac sign

    Hey, just joined the discussion) If talking about reputation of Aries and Scorpios, they say that Aries is easily made mad and scorpios are very mean in their nature, if I'm not mistaken. I am an Aquarius. And the personality that Aquarius is claimed to have doesn't match me at all. My sis, who likes this very much, says that it's because of the other planets' influence.
  11. Wow. Fast...) Azure, I won't be able to proofread Thanos route, 'cause I'm leaving for a month. Hope everything will go well with the release=))))
  12. lilacXemerald

    Left hand or right?

    @KTC, I'm not meroko, but he probably means he is a righthander, but is willing to be a left one.
  13. Where has his green hair gone?!
  14. lilacXemerald

    Fantasia's Requiem --A fantasy love story--

    ... I love you, Kid Oswaaaaald! You're so damn sweet!)
  15. Maybe once when you re-make it, you could sell it successfully...