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  1. thank you! I found the way. I am now in ruins. I drained the water and now lighting the blue lamps. But in level three, I lit all lights but only five of them are blue. I can't go to lower level and the ghost guards keeps bothering me. Am I missing something? This is the level where there is that skeleton prisioner and a little boy behind bars as well.I would be grateful if you could give me the exact location, please? is there any hidden ones?
  2. thanks! but I am now in thieves cave. I crossed the bridge but what else can I do? There is a crystal and a pool of blooD. I cannot find a way through.
  3. hello! I am just trying this game but stuck in the beginning. how do I get the lantern to visit the caves?
  4. I just got dragon. Now went to this place with statute but it doesn't have arrow. I need to go north of clearwater but there is no way. Squirrel wants map and this is with Jebb but where is he? I suspect I might need to find him to move ahead in game. Please guide.
  5. Is there anything to do with slave girl and prince? I saw them arguing with slave girl's mistress , but then what? Thanks for help.
  6. Bee

    Curse at Twilight

    HIya! does anyone has any idea when the next game will gonnna come out? Will it be before xmas or after? thanks! Merged topics ~Argoyle
  7. oh! I must have missed it. let me check it again. thanks!
  8. Where can I get it? I need it to change beast.
  9. I need to return his cloak and ask about Aveyond? Also, To catch moths, where can I get bottle? aislingyngaio: Merged topics
  10. After their parents took her off u need to go to the castle in velderah! I missed that too and found out about it after I returned from demon realm and I was too late...I needed to play all over againas I seemed to have override on previous saved files..
  11. slime farm is below that witches village in that realm..need to take that staircase in a hole from the village.
  12. u r welcome..I have just finished that part an hour before but I can't remember the exact location. I think that is the beauty of the game..it is sooo vast, u easily get lost..good luck! I am now searching for dragon! good luck to me too!
  13. It's in one of the cliff on left hand side of the screen. Once you go in that cave entrance after you get key from that ill guy, you eventually end up outside in a cliff on the other side. Keep on going in and out of the caves from other side, I think it is one of the cliff before you go into that cave system where nox learns a spell. sorry couldn't tell you the exact location..
  14. I tried to go past them first. I got that guy's (teijal's hubby) weapon from cave and got edward's sword upgraded again in for spells and fed him that herb to get him some mana. then only, I fought those monsters.
  15. ok! I will try that! thank u..when shall I visit clearwater and the area as the bridge now seems mended? Edit: what's going on? my posts are getting double posted! and I don't know how to delete it! sorry again.
  16. ok! I will try that! thank u..when shall I visit clearwater and the area as the bridge now seems mended?
  17. Right! oracle of aveyond asked me to go to mysten far in a dragon? Where can i find one? I have got bridle or whatever that thingy from that ice castle after putting star in the slot! Can anybody give me a hint please? thanks u!
  18. oh!that makes sense...My situation is latter one..I follwed them right after they go and seen them not otherwise..but I didn't check veldrah castle immediately but only sedona castle..sorry if i was unclear.
  19. Why is them appearing in front of house is wrong? I thought they went there to rescue their kid, at least that's what's been told in previous scene, so I wasn't bothered when they appear in front of the house as it goes with the storyline. I mean it would be surprising if they won't go there to rescue afterall they were waiting for her from last 17 years.
  20. thanks for the clue..I will look into it! I think I have left pick lock part too I will try that in my next attempt! Anyways, ta!
  21. I went back to veldarah castle but I think I am too late as I am returning from shadow aveyond now...none of them are there but queen is missing and I doublechecked sedona castle..and that person standing beside the throne is still saying that queen and king are have not returned yet... so I am not hoping too much to get the pick lock now..
  22. oh no! I was wondering why I haven't come across pick lock yet.. So I need to find this princess again..I did the same too, after I saw king and queen of sedona in front of that house, they said they are going back...so I went back to sedona castle but they weren't there yet. So should I check in castle in veldorah instead?
  23. oh dear! I just came back from shadow aveyond and came back from that cave all over again..but i must have missed it somewhere...
  24. I even got a ice pick from dwarf..I thought it is needed for this task..but don't have a clue on spelled ice.. where can I get spelled ice for blacksmith? thanks in advance.
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