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  1. thank you! I found the way. I am now in ruins. I drained the water and now lighting the blue lamps. But in level three, I lit all lights but only five of them are blue. I can't go to lower level and the ghost guards keeps bothering me. Am I missing something? This is the level where there is that skeleton prisioner and a little boy behind bars as well.I would be grateful if you could give me the exact location, please? is there any hidden ones?

  2. It's in one of the cliff on left hand side of the screen. Once you go in that cave entrance after you get key from that ill guy, you eventually end up outside in a cliff on the other side. Keep on going in and out of the caves from other side, I think it is one of the cliff before you go into that cave system where nox learns a spell.


    sorry couldn't tell you the exact location..

  3. Why is them appearing in front of house is wrong? I thought they went there to rescue their kid, at least that's what's been told in previous scene, so I wasn't bothered when they appear in front of the house as it goes with the storyline. I mean it would be surprising if they won't go there to rescue afterall they were waiting for her from last 17 years.

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