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  1. hmm! I did that but all I found is a key!What do I do with it? Edit: found it..how did I overlook that door? ta again!
  2. man argoyle! u r quick! I did..yet I am a bit dumb..couldn't figure it out..it's been an hour, I have jumble aroud the forest..I wonder if I am looking in the wrong place..hmm
  3. I am kinda stuck! Can anybody tell me where the will is?
  4. Can someone remind me how to use saved files from last game?
  5. Pirate cave incident was from previous episode, don't remember LOT or GON. Just Lydia did something that is mentioned in that conversation. So if you do what KTC said, you will be able to see a funny scene.
  6. thanks for the tips shaz. I got Rat out and hoping to meet him later in tyobi. cheers!
  7. you need to find it in a cave behind waterfall in ruins.
  8. I just finished the game but I got bit of a shock at the end. I mean - who Spook turned out to be! I was sooo going to set him up with Mel over Edward and I got that at last! How heartbreaking! I don't know about Mel but I am sooo much in loss of Spook. I soooo wish I could get him. But nice story! Going for second round of game! This time I will try to complete all the side quest including golden frog one! I came to know there are lot of choices for that golden frog quest! Any tips??? Which option would be the best one do you think? Bye Bye Spook! I wish you would come back as just you are and not anybody else.
  9. thank u argoyle.. I will forget about this quest for this time and concentrate on others. I will try next time. I won't be wasting time in that case. love ya!
  10. It worked. thank u argoyle! I hope I will be able to go there now. What about golden frog? Can I persue that rich man to give me the frog?
  11. I did try that.. but she keeps saying I have got best chef or something like that. do I need to go to that pathway again and come back and talk with empress?
  12. i did that quest and the rat is the chef. But what next, the pathway to right from tyobi to granite mountains is still blocked and guard keeps saying rogue chefs problem or something like that. I do I do? I have five quests in my journal. -golden frog for museum . which I see in one man's house in tyobi but he says it's not for sale. After checking thru other posts, it seems to relate with baby quest. But I have already done it and turned that lady in jail without rescuiing other guy in jail. Can I still be able to get the golden frog? - tutor for Sienna - fairy toad in moo hatchery - act for circus -giant beanstalk beans. Heeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppppppppppp! please!
  13. it says lever is needed. Where can I find one? Help
  14. Bee

    Honest Criticism

    Very true about these sugar coated posts! That's the reason why I have stop appearing more often in this forum as once I used to be. I have always given my honest opinion and if you look at it, it is not always in favour of the topic.
  15. I just finished playing both lord of twillight and gates of night together. The review indeed was unfair but I do have a thought which is not 100% in favour of lord of twillight. I used to be a great fan of aveyond series and bought all games upright but this time I convinced myself that I am little grown up for all these games and didn't try to visit the site or download the game in the first place. But I couldn't help playing Gates of night later when I found the game downloaded in my HP game console. Then, I ended up buying both the games. Both games are great when played together. So I am wondering if splitting the game was a good idea at all. Especially Lord of Twillight is a great disappointment on its own.It seems so short and the area to explore confines to only one island. C'mon aveyond has always been this huge game with lots of area to explore. The story comes to an abrupt end which gives bad taste. I am sure whoever plays this game for the first time won't get true experience of aveyond games and might think twice or more before buying any other Aveyond game series. So please be careful next time when u decide where to split the story. Good luck! and please keep giving us more good games. Next time, I won't delay in buying any of them for sure.
  16. you r welcome elmobites. But only the gamemaker might know the real reason behind this technical error. But as for now, it can be solved if u have other people as a leader.
  17. I had lydia as leader and I made her wore that pretty pink dress from stormberg, the town near witchwood.( sorry if spelling mistake of the name of places). When I try to jump her to swim in water, the game come to abrupt end with some error message (file graphic/.... lydia2-swim not found). AT first I thought the game has a bug and then again, on second thought, I used another charater as leader before jumping in water and it was fine. I don't know if it is because lydia's charater can never swim or if it is because of that new dress she is wearing that it had happened. I thought maybe you would like to know about this.
  18. thanks! I am now about to fight with gyandal! good luck me
  19. I am now in underworld to rescue mel but my party went to find some other orb. I went to that cave in remembrance cliff where there are lots of red chests. But I couldn't open them. What do I need to get to open those chest and I don't mind if you give me the exact location. thank u P.s- Browsing the previous thread,I just found that the key is in sky garden but the gate is locked. what do I need to do to open it?
  20. thanks..I popped in when i was returning the candies and she was still there. Never cross my mind to go and look at her home once again.
  21. When will she go out of home? She is still there.
  22. I think what you need to do is find a key in a room where that baron's(or whatever the evil guy)'s third daughter was sitting before and get a key (I don't remember the exact place, so please check every selves, bookcase etc) and go downstairs and open the door which can access just before all the boulders blocking the way ahead...if you go inside I think there is a way ahead which leads downstairs ultimately to puzzle of five doors... now I don't remember the exact combination of doors that you need to go in to came out from that puzzle...but what you need to remember is if you go in the wrong door..you will end upstairs again ......so basically you should try to go in the door which leads ahead to another set of five doors....and if you choose the wrong one second/third time...you need to restart entering the door from the beginning. After four or five times you will came out from other end of the previous scene and you can successfully came out of that tower...good luck!
  23. @aura: thanks aura! I shall heed your advice.. @chirushi: if you mean the guard who is standing still on each side of middle door then, you need to go all the way down and make noice by something laying onthe floor...the guard will go outside and you can go to the main door inthe middle.
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