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  1. @aura: thanks aura! but I now remember correctly that I got the third one north of west estill place.. and not the tower...so am correcting my previous post! That means I still need the last place to find that scroll! And where is this saluda? I can't remember...I think I need to replay the game from the start and this time do everything correctly the way I want the game to go forward....
  2. i have found altogether three parts of that geronium scrolls, I don't know where I can find the rest. Please highlight: -one is in that hidden place in the area where there is a castle of duke winston...you don't need to go to winston castle but you can find in a hidden place which is near one of the town where that two sons of dead baron is fighting over -when you enter the place there are two graves and you need to click on both to make the chest appear where there is a piece. -To get the second one-,if you go again to meet the ghost after she is being discovered as duke green's sister in that tower west of fairmount town, she will give another piece to kanna. -The third one is in north of west estill forest. If anyone knows how to get to other two, please post the clue, thanks @latyss: to get to that tower, you need to agree to save the elder when you are prompted to agree/disagree by the innkeeper and a little child. Remember! just before entering the ice cave, the bridge is shut down and vance goes to rest...and after a short clip he decides to go join others but interrupted by the conversation of those two people and they will ask you to save the elder. If you agree, Vance will go alone to search that tower...but later joined by Uncle cliffy! You can have both of them in a party and search the tower..I hope that will help!
  3. @iya: thanks for the hint...I have reached upto clock last time...now i need to go find that third thingy... @latss: thanks for correting me...I know I have forgotten lot of stuff ..got lost in the story....that's why I can't remember the puzzle you are telling me the other day as well.
  4. you need to go to castle chirushi which can be access from stairs in northern part of town where a soldier is standing nearby. I think u need to arrange those boxes inthose shaded squares in the grass to make the bridge appear which leads to castle. I have a query too, if somebody can help me, please? I want to collect all those geranium pages and rune tablet fragment... Geranium magic pages was triggered when I went to kill orrum in that jungle...I have got only three so far..one from northern area of that jungle, one in a chest in that island where duke winston kingdom is (after clicking on both tomb, the chest appeared) and one from the ghost in that tower in western part of fairmount..where are the rest? As for rune tablet fragment, I have got 7 and I need the last one...I remember getting one fragment in that tower near the town just before ice cave...does it mean, I won't be able to return those fragment back to that temple thingy?? I found an easy way to reach teachy's mansion. Please highlight for clue: Just choose the left cave everytime to get to other end from first scene...I also notice that you came out from right one all the time. So keep heading to left one and cross it and after 4 or 5 times you are in front of mansion..but is is soo puzzling inside. Also if you want to get one of those essence first then, go inside middle one from first scene and again middle one in next scene..you will reach in other end of the cliff with a dead tree where there is a chest with essence. I couldn't find our where the rightmost cave from first scene leads to. I just got lost, so I gave up. Now I need help in how to proceed further in the mansion because everything is a mess there! can anybody help?
  5. Beat the ramsur! now only teachy left...hopefully i will be able to find him thru puzzle...I did read the spoilers though iya! I don't know how much fun will it be to get there ....because until now I thought anderson is teachy...that's what we were made to believe isn't it? esp. in the conversation of those blinking stars representing those lords with ramsaur where teachy lord told that he was supporting heroes and that he is needed in the burlington duchess party....I would love to hear those conversations where the teachy is actually discovered... and@latyss: I know it sounds funny...but I really forgot if I did or didnot solve that puzzle...just didn't rung the bell when you told me about that puzzle...I am playing this game so rigourously last couple of days that I have goen through story to story...lords to lords...and puzzle to puzzle...everything happened so swiftly...may be next time when I reach there...I will see what you meant to tell me...thanks for heads up!
  6. thanks iya for the encouragement..I do need your good luck too..I got fed up with that puzzle so instead went to beat other lord in western tower where that two bounty hunters were hinding and trapped my team ultimately...I managed to beat the lord who were faking before to be in that cult thingsamig where kanna belongs.... I also went to cumberland but it is more puzzling than kure ruins..so I think I will head back to that crystal puzzle..I think I should try bit more ...just couldn't get through last time...I was just been able to arrange few rows only...uff! and latyss! which puzzle is this that you have mentioned on the way to beufort??
  7. yay! I finished the game at last! but I so much wanted to fight all kaibutsu lords rather than just four....may be I know what I should do next...I shall retrieve my save file and play again to fight rest of the kaibutsu lords... I think I should go for that teachy lord in cumberland...he is much talk about here in forum...I would also like to meet ramsur..afterall he is the one who challenged the heroes in the first place... edit: I am stuck in that crystal puzzle in that kure ruins where I have to switch places of the crystals...it is bit of a maze which I can't sort out. Can somebody help me please?
  8. I have already killed the following three Orrum: Estill Catawba: Tharselle Shrine Elko: Erhardht When is this birthday of duchess and when will they get stranded?? I am planning to travel next to meet manteo.. I met him in that shrine and he said he will be found somewhere...but I forgot....but which port should I select??
  9. oh ok! thanks aura...i might have done some mistake somewhere then!
  10. How many times do Ineed to go clockwise and anticlockwise to open that gate..? i think i already did more than 12 but it doesn't open
  11. @latyss: thanks latyss! you are a lifesaver...I replayed from last saved game and went to estill first and killed orrum.. I think I will now headover to Duke Winston place as I found that place quite refreshing! I will next go to find that sword you said. In that place, I remember I was stuck in a cave in a forest last time where there was some hint like 3.00 9.00 12.00.... what is this? What should I do to make this gate open? @Iya: I think you are right when you said, i can choose any order of location to visit..this is quite amazing in the sense we don't need to follow a single pattern...like before where we had three options to reach duke greene...once again the game is giving US a chance to decide where to go next..and story alters as per se...I love this game. @pokemon: I don't know what you mean when you said i only need to kill 3 lords instead of all seven...all I can think is how?? May be I can understand it as I play the game
  12. thannks iya! I did just that although it was quite tiresome to get right flipping..anyway I did managed to get the prize. thanks to u and to latyss for that post.. now I need to choose between different location to travel...I chose a place where remaining duke's "Duke winston", area is... Because it is a new area, I thought it would be interesting to explore.. I now wonder if there is a better order to visit these places... To be honest..I was so bored going through that clip conversation where fayette told the team what to do next that I just skipped them by pressing spacebar quickly and to my bad luck...I saved the game above the most recent last saved game....now either I have to play from quite an early part of game to reach that conversation or just play around and see where it goes...Having said that...can you please be dear and let me know if I have missed any important part of info in that converstion? May be she did have indicated where I should go first next??
  13. hey! I am stuck in that cult's 4x4 colour square thingy...I just can't be able to arrange them in a row of same colour as required...can somebody help me with how to get past this?? Shall I beat the monks rather...but it says i will get better reward if I solve the puzzle....help me please!
  14. @aura: I passed that cave and am heading dillon. But as u suggested I tried venturing that forest up north...but where exactly is this Duke Greene's weapon? Can I acquire this weapon and kinda equip it or...is it something else? I tried fighting few 'dillon knights'..and went to the area where there are two soldiers in a bridge who ask for something to get us pass?? Is it necesssary to go there before heading dillon?? Please guide me...thanks in advance!
  15. @iya: thank u..I will try that @Aura: I have already met North and Clifton. So that's why I didn't find that guard in the cave. North is my active member but clifton is not. I wonder if I should have taken Clifton instead...anyway! I need to find that rope firts...thank u for ur help
  16. thank u both of u...u r a great help.. I did get something from a chest before but I am not sure if that was a rope...I will try going on a level above the chest and see... @edit: I am daft.. I can't find a rope...where is it?? Can anybody tell me where exactly can I find it?
  17. I just went to that duke's house ( i think) which is heavily guarded...how can I get past them?? and when I went to that cave above...hey! what is with all the ladders in the cave? I just get lost with all those levers....as all of them look same...somehouse I managed to go to end...but it is blocked and there is a lock but I can't find a key...is it in the chest just on the side of entrance of the cave...can somebody help please?
  18. thanks iya...I would definitely like to try all three ways in future...but for now...I will heed ur advice and take that route. @aura: I am not sure which place are you telling me but I will definitely gonna look out for the place u have mentioned above...thanks I just went to that duke's house ( i think) which is heavily guarded...how can I get past them?? and when I went to that cave above...hey! what is with all the ladders in the cave? I just get lost with all those levers....as all of them look same...somehouse I managed to go to end...but it is blocked and there is a lock but I can't find a key...is it in the chest just on the side of entrance of the cave...can somebody help please?
  19. thanks @aisling...for your last tip. been able to get him...but i need now to go to some place (forgot the name)....where there are three options to choose from.. 1) pay fair for trip of sail...2)go through mountains and 3) from some checkpost... which one should I choose?/ I would rather prefer to have better reward...does the story line changes if I choose either of them??
  20. After North's master is killed, they have been tasked to find that person but i find him nowhere. I saw somewhere in the post that he will be found in North's house but when I go there, North's says, " I can't go there to face them yet". I am stuck, can somebody help?? How can I trigger the story to go forward.
  21. can anybody tell me how can I get into the cell of wandala in ghost town?..it is locked...i am playing part 1 btw.
  22. am downloading ...sounds interesting!
  23. hey snowbunnies...I will gonna think on what you've said and try to make a character ...although I am not so creative..I will give it a try then...
  24. of course! tell me, what do I need to do?
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