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  1. hope to play your game soon snow bunnies...screenshots surely is appealing..keep it up
  2. This is bit silly of me but I forgot who Mr. Yanchan is..hehe! sorry! But if this is the guy who is suppose to give you a pass to royal quarters, you need to see another guy in library who is standing in the middle of the room. He will ask you to go help the nun to cure that sick maid. For that you need to get the medicine which you can obtain after sincere prayer..
  3. People are bored..that's why they are not coming again. It's a negative spiral that is going on here. Because the site kept crashing down once too often, it's a big turn off. Anyways, I agree with hui! may be when new game will come , then bang! hopefully people will pour in and site will become lively again.
  4. Bee

    DJC - Everlong

    it a little island on the northmost part of the screen which is triangular in shape. If my memory serves me well, I think it is on the topmost area just above the large east contiment. Just land your ship and move your players towards the base of the little mountain there.
  5. Bee

    User Names

    Bee is the first three letters of my name!
  6. lunasong7: Just tried ur game this morning...It is really good for the very first game, I would say.. After such a wonderful job, you definitely have a future in RPG, sweetheart! I think from marketing point of view, the game shouldn't be as girlie as u have made with all pink bits and pointing out girls power, every now and then in the game. I understand this game must have come straight out of ur heart...and it feels good for girls like us but it's just not fair for boys, is it?... Although they do say there are lot of female players than male in general. I did not find any problem in music and maps etc...they are good! In fact, I like the humour when characters argue with one another.... Finally, congrats for ur brilliant work..keep it up and hope to see u in future with more great games. Cheers!
  7. @excalibur..I have just finished that phase ..so here is a tip-once u are spotted, you need to go to the left of the path to a little gap in betwwen houses to hide. Then once those chasing guards go past u, u need to walk past those gazing vision of those guards one by one...try walking in a grass at the rightmost ledge of the screen to go past first group of guards...I always made sure to save once a go past through one...so that I don't have to start over if I get caught...good luck! congrats to the creator of the game for taking such a great effort to make this game....this game is quite intensive in storyline I must say.. and graphics and music are all great.. is this game not yet complete??reading some of the post here, I assumed soo...I am just at the point where I am trying to escape those guards near grave.
  8. it happened to me as well. I was fleeing with other gladiators and suddenly my game window vanished to no where. I tried reloading the game and yet at that point the game crashed again. i don't think i will now replay the whole game again...it's sooooo turn off.
  9. @mickey: how can I get that ending...I mean do I need to do something for that? and don't worry about the bugs...it's just the problem in entries...like even when we have completed it..it still appear there and sometimes get mixed with other entries...I think it is probably happen when we tried to get all the entries at a time ..may be i need to try doing things one at a time..otherwise games is running fine...
  10. Bee

    DJC - Everlong

    Indeed it is. I loved this game. Hats off to the creator!
  11. just finished playing...luvved the game..though encounter few bugs in journal entries..also couldn't get that maid in dancing team..the cook didn't let me. found 3 endings..queen, wife of duke and getting fired...is that all??/ Thanks mickey! u r great!!(also loved ur siggie)
  12. @micky: no need to worry. I downloaded the game from first link u provided and it's solved the problem. Just so you know the game download from second link has that font problem but first link is fine.
  13. oh! please do...thanks for ur effort mickey! n thanks for taking time to reply argoyle!
  14. i downloaded that rtp maker thingy reading other posts in this thread...but now the game is loading but there are no fonts...so i don't know what is happeniing around..can anybody help??please !! i really like to hit off..
  15. downloaded the games but I got error msg. when tried to run it..says something like "rsgg-rtp not available". can someone help?
  16. sounds good to me. am downloading now..thanks !
  17. Hi all, I am back again in forums. This is third time I have registered since joining in old website in 2006. All my golds from last registeratons are gone now. I hope I don't have to do it again in future. I think I will never be able to enroll in guild if this goes on. :-(
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