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  1. Well i don't remember whether i ever swear on something, because i never did! Okay but i do some promises and not for unnecessary reasons though.! Well they say Swearing is a way of speaking that some people use to express their feelings of anger, annoyance, and frustration or when they want to hurt someone else's feelings. Sometimes people swear because they think it is smart or funny. Swear words can be: (found in dic!) slang words used to describe something a person is too embarrassed to talk about racist or sexist words used to hurt someone's feelings words used to criticise or put someone down words that are blasphemous which means words that are about someone's god or religion being used as swear words. Even the US presidents swear when they take the oath of office of the president: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." But it couldn't be same as the peoples swearing int the web!

    Swine Flu

    The death toll in Mexico has raised to 152 The largest recorded death tolls cause of flu was the spanish flu in 1918 about 40 million death! hong kong flu 1968-69 death toll about 1.4 million Bird flu has caused millions of birds infected and claimed about 200 human lives in the past four years Goa is to start swine flu screening from today as it is one of the major tourist places around! A team of epidemiologist and microbiologist are working together to look out for tourists having symptoms of "swine flu" and preventing them to spread! It is said that a pork farming area in Mexico's eastern coast state of Veracruz might be the source of the swine flu! There were also another rumors that the source of the current swine flu epidemic was in China. ... where the chinese govt refused it! US agriculture officials said they were seeking to change the name of the disease because it gave the impression that the ailment could be caused by eating pork, which was not true. Their agricultural secretary said that they're concerned about safety, but also about the impact on the economy! The Israel call it Mexican flu instead of Swine flu (which is different from a disease contracted only by pigs known as swine fever), As pork is banned under Jewish law, so they call it that way! The World Organisation for Animal Health says the virus is a mix of avian, swine and human viruses and has not been isolated in animals yet. It recommends "North American influenza."
  3. Well sorry for messing up "brainwash" for "addiction" i just didn't thought of that word when i was typing the comment!! :oops: So....then the games don't affect people after all! in any ways! They were just excuses found by the media for reasons why some people are on rampage in the streets, so that they could cover up the real story behind from the visions of the other people? is that it? :roll: @KTC: ( a silly request!) i'm not really familiar with most of the abbreviations, could you tell me what does "4.0+GPA" actually mean? or is it grade point average? @kings: i agree! there are limitations in all the things we do!
  4. if you ask me i would really like M.U.G.E.N to emerge with the RPG that makes really cool!!! 8)
  5. well according to my opinion a good parents are who communicate with their young ones often very well to make it a good understanding with each other... The parents should allow their children to take their own decision and believing on the decisions taken by their children's are best!! sometimes generation gaps can cause misunderstanding between the parents and their children, but it can be overcome!!!
  6. @KTC and Adept_rogue: well what i call brainwash is addiction...!! i also like to play games like slashing and with big boom explosions just as you do! everyone do! but i was talking about the kids, well not about a grown up man!! A mature person is capable of taking a well mannered decision but the kids aren't capable of that!!! Well.....its not like people turn into mass murders because playing games......! and its not that all are affected but rarely! Ok! i agree may be not mostly.................... i came upon a interesting info about the gaming thing! its a research about the video games! May be you like to know! "While research on video games and aggressive behavior must be considered preliminary, it may be reasonably inferred from the more than 1,000 reports and studies on television violence that video game violence may also contribute to aggressive behavior and desensitization to violence" . Another study reports that "Hostility was increased both in subjects playing a highly aggressive video game and those playing a mildly aggressive video game. Subjects who had played the high-aggression game were significantly more anxious than other subjects" . They help heal cancer because it helps the brain cell" There seems to be so many probabilities! who would have thought that it might be a remedy for cancer? some news: The parents of murdered Leicester teenager Stefan Pakeerah blamed his killer's obsession with a violent video game called Manhunt for their son's death in 2004. and there were special cases of suicide from game like world of warcraft online, where a chinese girl killed herself because her online friends abandoned her, so it looks like some peoples take seriously as if the games are their real life!!! so its just as i said not all the peoples are affected by playing games but it affects much better with kids!!! there are some site that relate this topic, check out if you would like to: 1.violent games affect behaviour "witchhunt times" 2.CBBC news round how does games affect you?
  7. Laxius power was created by Damienkzeing, i think until now there are four series of the game that has been released!! You can find most of the places in Aveyond series are featured in Laxius Power as well, like Thais!!! In LP1 before starting the game, there will be a window saying that " The game also contains adult materials that is relevant for particular ages" something like that i guess..!! :roll: LP3: you won't find any interest on playing the third series because just looking at places in the game will give u a headache..!!!! :S Its a gigantic map where finding a particular building or a cottage is almost impossible!!!! except for castles and caves!!! :hammer: Its almost like getting lost in a city with so many twisted streets around!!!:Tongue: LP2 was a better game to play on!!! And yeah forgot to mention that all the LP series were made with the RGP MAKER 2002 which is low in features!!!
  8. Scarlet letter ? Not sure but it sounds almost similar to "Scarlet pimpernel" that i read few years ago!!!! Are they same but with different names?
  9. playing computer games continuously will only ends up affecting the brain which gives a lot of stress and affecting the eyes. It also affects a person's habits, what i'm trying to say is that if they get interest of an particular character in a computer game their behaviour changes and starts to act as same as the character in the game (what i call brainwash). And not to mention that most of the games that are made has violent kind of gameplay!! You sure don't want your kids to get affected like that RIGHT? Let them play at the outdoors as long as they like, it makes them healthy and become more resiliant to any weakness!!
  10. i read pride and prejudice, that was long time ago about 8 years, i don't remember most of the things from that book....But it sure was interesting when i had it in my hand!!! EMMA, NORTHANGER ABBEY, PERSUASION...etc were the other great novels from Jane Austen!!! and yeah i forgot to mention king George and Sir Walter Scott...!!! i sure admit that she's one great novel writer!! About her: Name : Jane Austen DOB : December 16 1775 Place : Steventon in Hampshire Famous Novels : Sense and sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Emma, Prince Regent and Sir Walter Scott. DOD : Died in 18th July 1817
  11. i run windows vista 32 bit OS but my processor is 64 bit (intel Q6600 processor) In 64 bit OS it doesn't support most of the applications, so i installed 32 bit OS!!!
  12. antivirus don't affect problems like these for running a game... if the problem says something like direct draw error then its with the display driver!!! you have ATI 4850 video card, AP is a old game and some graphics cards don't support games with low color depth and resolution!!!!! try to run the game with ur onboard graphics by changing settings in BIOS!!!
  13. yes its true that these disasters can't be predicted when exactly is going to occur, but they prove the possibilities of happening within a certain period of time, some scientists are proving it already...you can blame NASA for it!!
  14. If you are looking for an easy web hosting try webs.com (otherwise known as free webs, and light CMS these are all i know !!!! try getting a premium account with unlimited bandwidth!!!
  15. Well both the theories are possible global warming and a meteorite strike..... NASA finds out that a meteorite almost at a size of the moon is on course towards earth with a probability of 76% collision don't know when.. And there is also well known disasters such as global warming to cause in nearly future not far enough... It is said that the ice shelfs that are starting to break apart in Antarctica is in the size of rhode island..!!! :S
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