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  1. never knew its important,gud thing i have a backup save file thanks everyone
  2. uhm this must be a n00b question but.. how can i upgraded a shard on a station. everytime i try to use the station it says no weapon to upgrade?
  3. they always use the sleep skill,silence etc. i cant get past thru them.they arent moving either. i think i can see a red stone behind them.
  4. Im currently on the quest on breaking the curse on thorn keep? im on the well and i tried fighting the 3 blue fairies and 1 octopus but i always fail o.o
  5. Im Stuck In Mistery Manor I Dont Know Where To Go Help Please? I Already Look At The Map In The Maps Forum But Im So Confuse
  6. I Delete The Map057.rxdata in the aveyond data folder and move the New Map057.rxdata In The Data Folder But When I Start Aveyond I Cannot See That My Room Thit Not Expand
  7. I Follow The Guide On How To Install The God Goodie In Aveyond When I First Do It It Works But When I Do It Now It Doesnt Work.I Follow The Guide Carefully :cry: Edit: Oh Nevermind Working Again Thanks For Helping ^^
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