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  1. Lot of people saying here that they're not scared of death. I am scared of death. I'm christian and I want to go to heaven, but I don't want to die. Death is a scary thing, and I understand if some people never get over it. @theone: seriously? You want to die as fast as possible? Life is a precious thing, I don't think you should think about dieing that easily.
  2. Thanks. I really wanted to know.
  3. I was just wondering if te'ijal's name means anything. I searched it on fb just a while ago, and only found some creep who was into satanism and stuff. Is te'ijal a name for a creepy dark god or something, or just a forgein name?
  4. I wonder how many people in the Netherlands actually know aveyond. Probably not a lot...
  5. We never have soup at home when I'm sick . I always eat yoghurt or something like that.
  6. I am from the always rainy netherlands. The country is not that bad, really. I'd say I live in a village but since there are about 40.000 people that live in my town, that's not really fair to say. I guess it's not a city yet?
  7. I think the wiki needs to edit the subjects on the character pages, etc. Instead of trying to provide a huge amount of information that no one is going to fill in anyway, just keep it simple and provide the information that is needed.
  8. welovemel

    Nick Names

    Some names just get a lot of nicknames, since it's so easy to come up with one, like mine 0-0
  9. ♪~memorieeesss.... all alone in the mooonliiight~♫ I really just joined this site almost a year ago, so I have no idea what is was like back then xD. I learned about aveyond on a site called acardetown, I believe. But I didn't really do anything with my acount back then.
  10. welovemel

    Nick Names

    .... I'll think I'll still stick with welmel, cuz thats in my username, after all xD. How about you, Binas-hime? Do you like your nick name XD?
  11. @shadowshed: I am pretty sure it is going to take me another 20 years to get married XD. That's exactly what I meant. Those parents know what is important to them, and, their kids probably know to XD. JK, I just meant that, if you raise your children and spoil them, they start thinking stuff like that is important. And since you give them expensive stuff, they start seeing that as 'important'.
  12. xP acient windows XP. I still like windows xp best, cuz It kind of looks like a smiley, and I have vista and 7 too, and xp still works the best. I under stand what you mean with public compters, you always have a person next to you who likes to see what you're doing on the internet XD.
  13. I think the sueing also has to do with the age of those kids. Everyone thinks different of what is important, and maybe that was pretty important for them, right? I still think it is part of the parents fault, since most ppl have a clear idea of what is important. It's still no excuse, to sue your mother though.
  14. welovemel

    Nick Names

    Nox is craxy xP. But don't you think noxzilla is a little over done?
  15. Don't you think it is the parents fault if they don't raise their children well? Has somebody ever seen the tv show my sweet sixteen? Parents spoil their kids like crazy and they end up like that. If you are a good parent, you should know that, right?
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