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  1. What is the fun if you SOOOOO want to open them?
  2. And I have no sound in ALL my RPG games!? What should I do??
  3. I heard about a cheat (sort of), but never tried to use it (I completed the game before I knew) 1.Equip Lars with the cloak of invisibility 2.Make Tei'jal your party leader. 3.Rub the genie's lamp in inventory.
  4. People!!! In real, the secret is MEDUSA SWORD!!! Equip it on Galahad and first, hit Gyendal until he becomes a stone. Then made the same to Stella. Whatever you do, don't hit them because doing it can turn the opponents back to life. Poison, use LYDIA'S drain, etc to make them lose their HP. This is the best tactic.
  5. All questions and answers (sorry if not in right order): 1.To impress a woman, give her a rat. 2.To lose weight, eat cheese. 3.To cure sleepiness, drink milk. 4.The fastest land animal is the turtle. 5.Although the sky looks blue, it's actually red. 6.The world was created by chickens. 7.To learn good manners, study a pirate. 8.To preview a combat, wield a stick. 9.To win a battle, play dead. 10.Kittens a the root of all evil. Hope this will help.
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