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    best stuff

    The best shield is Mithra shield/ If my memories are correct, it can be found in the Ahriman's lair.
  2. Mae'mae1419281580

    Nicholas: points of humility

    Can anyone list all the places where Nicholas can get them? Please, help.
  3. Mae'mae1419281580

    Salamander egg & hatching

    I don't understand: I saved my game AFTER an hour has passed, for the first time I received golden salamander, then I reloaded my game. I got red salamander for the second time! So you can randomly get a salamander from the hermit.
  4. Mae'mae1419281580

    What Guild is the best for Lars?

    When I played Aveyond my first time I chose the Necromancer guild. Only when read the walkthrough later I heard about other three guilds. Now I use the spell goodie, or choose the Time Master guild, because I like time spell more than other ones.