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  1. vumpires_assistant

    Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  2. vumpires_assistant

    Guess the word!

    Flower? The green thing would be the stem..........???
  3. vumpires_assistant

    Ask Anything!

    I would say... "your black shirt made a stain on your nape..."
  4. vumpires_assistant

    This or That!

    Nope you can't choose one MWAHAHAHA! Definitely piano. Marry a very poor person you love or marry a rich person you don't love?
  5. vumpires_assistant

    Change A Letter!

  6. vumpires_assistant

    This or That!

    Short hair. Family or friends?
  7. vumpires_assistant

    Ask Anything!

    The deep sea. It's quite amazing that we have the technology to be able to explore the deepest parts of the ocean but we still haven't because of its size. There's also a debate on whether mermaids exist or not. Who knows... we don't know the sea that much. How will you tell someone in a subtle manner that they a very dark nape in front of their friends?
  8. vumpires_assistant

    How to make all enemies show up on the map?

    -Yup just in the next line. -New page in the event on the map. -Yes but only if it is a single enemy. For groups, you should really use the switch (not the self-switch). Then turn the switches off when you exit the map.
  9. vumpires_assistant

    Help:how improve the quality of the game

    i have downloaded Ahriman's Prophecy more than 10 times I think and I usually have this problem. Just download the link shared by Argoyle, copy paste it inside the Ahriman's Prophecy folder and just run it. It should work.
  10. vumpires_assistant

    How do you like your Pairings?

    I am not into cheesy bad boy meets good girl and good girl changes bad boy pairings. I think I like star-crossed lovers: they have the greatest chemistry but they can never be with each other... like water and fire..
  11. Welcome to Aveyond.com! Enjoy your stay!

  12. vumpires_assistant

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    Import XP Tilesets to Ace (using photoshop) and boom you get the best out of VX Ace I dunno... I find Ace to be the easiest (and most convenient) out of all RPG Maker softwares
  13. vumpires_assistant

    How can I add location to the screen?

    Find a "Map Name" script on the internet. I found one similar to Aveyond's but it's for RMVX Ace. It's XS - Map Hud coded by Nicke. Also he created a Coin Hud similar to Aveyond's.
  14. vumpires_assistant

    Battle system

    Aveyond's side view battle system was modified (or they coded it themselves.) I haven't found similar battle systems on the internet.
  15. vumpires_assistant

    Aveyond battle system ?

    You will need a script for this. Aveyond uses a very unique and simple side view battle system. You can find different variations of the side view battle system script in the internet.