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  1. I would say... "your black shirt made a stain on your nape..."
  2. Nope you can't choose one MWAHAHAHA! Definitely piano. Marry a very poor person you love or marry a rich person you don't love?
  3. The deep sea. It's quite amazing that we have the technology to be able to explore the deepest parts of the ocean but we still haven't because of its size. There's also a debate on whether mermaids exist or not. Who knows... we don't know the sea that much. How will you tell someone in a subtle manner that they a very dark nape in front of their friends?
  4. i have downloaded Ahriman's Prophecy more than 10 times I think and I usually have this problem. Just download the link shared by Argoyle, copy paste it inside the Ahriman's Prophecy folder and just run it. It should work.
  5. I am not into cheesy bad boy meets good girl and good girl changes bad boy pairings. I think I like star-crossed lovers: they have the greatest chemistry but they can never be with each other... like water and fire..
  6. Welcome to Aveyond.com! Enjoy your stay!

  7. This review is very BRIEF: Music - I dunno, I didn't feel the charm like in the previous AV games. Although the BGS' were amazing, the music itself failed to draw me deeper in the game world. A few pieces were very promising though. The Mist Realm's soundtrack is a perfect substitute for Field of Wind. Maps/Art - They were amazing. They had this nostalgic vibe found in Aveyond 1. The maps were very detailed, they were of the correct size (exploration was never boring). The graphics were eye-candy. Gameplay - I think the footsteps were okay. The menu screen was confusing to navigate at first but you'll get it eventually, I did hate the lags but I can't complain because I only have Intel Pentium (though playing the previous AV games were smooth), the battle system was very unique and every character's battle strategies are different. Story - very catchy... but the humor somehow made it feel like it's not an AV game but a John Wizard game. The concept was nice though. It... it just didn't feel like an AV game for me. The thing I really love in this game: Interraction between characters (Phye excluded. He didn't really fit in with the group, considering the fact that you get him just before the game ends) especially between Boyle and Myst. The thing I hate in this game: Walking back and forth to places for a quest. It becomes repetitive and eventually becomes boring. It was painful to enter a coven for Ingrid because I had to walk around too much. Still, this game is a great addition to the Aveyond Saga. Fingers crossed: I really hope we are getting an AV5 :) But take your time Amanda No rush. Just enjoy life and your job right now!
  8. THIS IS AWESOME! I have high hopes for this project! I myself attempted to recreate AP four years ago but college was really taxing for me that I had to stop development. I tried rebooting the development a year ago and managed to recreate Aaron Walz's Peace3 (the Title Screen) and the soundtrack for Elden. You are a good producer yourself (opened your soundcloud account) but in case you need other music, I'm hoping you can take your time to listen to it (to decrease your workload haha) and maybe you can have use for it. https://soundcloud.com/kelbenray/ahrimans-prophecy-title-screen-peace3-remake (didn't upload the Elden soundtrack sorry...) I'm really hoping this remake gets finished!!! I'm excited!
  9. Forgot to mention I really like Hunter x Hunter. It's a bummer though that the manga is in hiatus (last time I checked). I also love Pokemon (my childhood). Yamato Nadeshiko is very funny (just a recap, it's about this ugly girl who gets to live in her auntie's mansion with handsome guys are boarders) as well as Gakuen Alice. Another is also gross. I couldn't believe that Final Destination is possible in the Anime world.
  10. Parasyte was a love at first view for me. I got drawn to its weirdness. I mean, Japanese people are pretty creative when constructing ideas. I found myself downloading the next episodes. The interaction between the protagonist and his parasite hand he named "Migi" was funny.
  11. I tend to procrastinate especially in my studies so I end up cramming. But I memorize stuff easily when I cram haha!
  12. I myself attempted to recreate AP with Aveyond 3's graphics but got tired halfway. When you get Amanda's approval, do upload screenshots.
  13. ooohh thanks! I'd take that advise during my next playthrough. maybe Expert Mode this time! haha!
  14. looks promising. i'll try playing it when i find time 40 hours of gameplay... that's kinda huge! no wonder it's a 377 mb file
  15. welcome to the world of amaranthia :) enjoy your stay!

  16. What active party lineup do you think is indestructible? i'd go for Boyle, Ingrid, Myst, Rowen Boyle's Dark Triumph (and flames when you encounter plenty weaker enemies) Ingrid's curses and high HP. Myst's Soothe. Savior! Rowen's gadgets and Sword Singing abilities!
  17. Yeah! Hardest Aveyond when it comes to battling! I shiver when I enter a new area because I'm not sure with my current weapon and level. Money is also scarce and weapons and armor are expensive (even though most of them are only 500 GP, which is easy to acquire in the previous av games). Never knew I needed healers in this game. I usually exclude healers from my active party (sorry Dameon, Nicolas and Stella LOL) because they can be substituted with items. But in this game, Myst and Hi'beru are helping me so much. btw i'm playing normal mode. I like this Aveyond because it's fresh although I was expecting to see Thais though haha!
  18. The graphics of this game is for me, very reminiscent to Ahriman's Prophecy (especially the woods). Not yet finished but I'm entertained. Of course it's an Aveyond game!
  19. I thought so too but play a little bit more and you'll see that it's an Amaranth/John Wizard collaboration. I noticed this when I got to Tor.
  20. To be honest, I actually forget Dameon exists everytime I replay Aveyond: Rhen's Quest. Yeah he had some good scenes but I just felt his character (and Mad Marge's) were weak in terms of storyline. Anyways, I do love Talia. She was pretty good in AP... ohhh the pain of selecting guilds!
  21. I once attempted to make an Ahriman's Prophecy Remake but got tired on the way. This was one of the works I did for the game Still, the original midi version sounds better I'm just a rookie music producer. I hope you like this remake. This was my favorite track from the game. Here's the link if you'd like to give it a listen: https://soundcloud.com/kelbenray/ahrimans-prophecy-title-screen-peace3-remake
  22. if I have time I shall play this one...
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