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  1. Well Aurora, homeschooled children are most definitely smarter than public schooled children, but at a cost - Most all of them haven't been properly socialized. It's half of what you learn in public schools. Though you're not there to actually socialize, it's still a social setting, so that's exactly what's going to happen. You'll do more than fine academically, statistically speaking of course. If I were you, my first day I would bring a batch of cupcakes or sweets and introduce yourself confidently. Some teachers will introduce you themselves, but honestly most of them hate their jobs, so they'll just tell you to take a seat. Don't forget to ask before class if you can pass them out. Then tell them you've been homeschooled. Many kids are going to want to talk to you about what its like, be jealous etc.. Jealous because they get to be home all day instead of waking up uber early and going to public school. HAH!
  2. @KTC, for that to ever happen, they would have to get a hold of my iphone and then replace the tracking chip with their own. Which is kind of pointless. I mean sure it'd make for a good movie of something that has a 1% chance of actually ever happening..
  3. Wiki is also accepted by my school and packed full of pretty much everything. It's rare that I see an article that needs additional info.
  4. I like the idea. I have nothing to hide, and if i ever got kidnapped, itd be a small lead to where I was last
  5. Ignore my paleness. Low blood count :X You love hoods hey Ryo? lol
  6. @theone Wiki is VERY accurate. It constantly has to state sources or it'll post right at the top it's inaccurate. http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2006/11/8296.ars http://news.cnet.com/Study-Wikipedia-as-accurate-as-Britannica/2100-1038_3-5997332.html
  7. YOU ALL SUCK I HATE YOU ALL AGHHAHGSHAHGSAHGASD I used to go to an all girls graphics forum and there was CONSTANT drama =p Try to be more polite to others even if you don't agree with them. State why not, then yeah move on. I mean do you guys REALLY want to be one of those people who hates everybody who doesn't share their opinion in something? =p
  8. Idc about that KTC, I played the most violent games and watched the most violent tv growing up. Seriously, crap like saw couldnt even make me flinch. But I think something musta changed chemically, because I can't watch anyone die on TV now, it makes me all AHHHH. I guess you go a lil crazy when you become a mom. And yeah theone, it's started. Use the knowledge you have NOW to do the things you plan on doing. =p
  9. After high school, life just seems to go in fast forward. Monday becomes Friday at a ridiculous rate. I've got 2 kids, a 2 year old and a 5 month old. When I was in school, it seemed like I was just waiting for life to start, and now I realize it already has. I'm from Detroit, but I moved to Prince George, BC. It seems to snow 6 months out of the year and there's never anything to do. Doesn't feel like I live in this place.. Feels like I'm dying in it. I've been waiting on my Citizenship for 3 1/2 years now. They've lost my papers, mixed them up, keep requesting things I've already sent etc.. The fastforwarding and moreover the kids really get me thinking depressing thoughts at night. I mean I have a friend who used to be obsessed about protecting children and I never understood why until she showed me a few cases. Now I'M obsessed and really depressed about the things happening to these little kids and not being able to do anything about it. I also get upset about animals. I guess the only people I don't feel really sad for are old people, except when they deliver pizza to me or something. And seeing some 90 year old guy walk up my porch to hand me a pepperoni pizza just makes me wonder, did he wait for his life to start too? All I'm saying is get out there, follow your dreams and do it young. Also can anybody relate, or am I just a crazy person?
  10. Wow. Mother must be severely overweight, deformed or have some other really bad self esteem issues to push that on her little girl.
  11. *Cheer* yay. That made me feel better. =p ty
  12. She has 16 counts against her for something or other. I googled how effective petitions are and the results were 'not very' There goes my comfort in being able to make a tiny difference in the world.
  13. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/help-sentence-animal-abuser---jennifer-petkus/ Huge animal abuser. She goes to animal auctions, bids against legitimate shelters, doesn't vaccinate them, spay them, neuter and in some cases, doesn't even feed them. Many many innocent animals have died under her 'care'. People will buy a puppy and sometimes the day after they bought it, it will die. She lies about vaccinating them as well. Can you guys sign this petition? http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/thyme-and-sage-ranch-jennifer-petkus-c92735.html a story about her. Breaks my heart. I love animals =[
  14. There's also all those moms who get their kids hair relaxed, dyed etc.. But I think we've all made our points.
  15. To be fair though, a piercing is just a hole that will close up. My ears are pierced and they don't even look it without an earring. So it's not really a type of deformation, because yeah, it can heal over and close up. Tattoos are forever though.
  16. Kind of silly to leave a lifelong decision up to a child in general, don't you think? Wait until they're old enough to understand it surely.
  17. Oh absolutely, I agree. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old, and my mother in law claims that the internet made SIDS up and it never existed before. She claims its a made up disease because she's never heard of it, and at the same time believes every email chain letter that goes to her.
  18. I remember one time a girl who was going to a community college said that dreams lasted as long as they felt they lasted. So I researched it a bit on the internet and made a few points, then I showed her the websites. She was like "Well my PSYCHOLOGY teacher told me that in my COLLEGE and I didn't get the information from the INTERNET." I kind of just roll my eyes at them now, but at the time I wanted to say "You're so ignorant! The internet at least keeps updated information." I didn't though =p Anyone have a similar experience?
  19. I circumcised my son. My boyfriend pushed me into it. His cousin waited until he was 22 to get circumcised and he was out of commission for a week supposedly. The guy told my boyfriend sex felt the same, but... Doesn't it cut off a bunch of nerves? I'm not a boy but still, doesn't sound right to me.
  20. Laptops usually die from overheating, so I prefer desktops. Even if you keep the dust off of them and a fan under them, keep in mind their hardware is still in a very confined area. A desktop will normally last until it's obsolete. And yeah theone they're just like playing on PCs, with slightly more annoying keyboards.
  21. Check your ambient light sensor settings in the BIOS.
  22. HP actually has the highest failure rate of any brand out there. I find Dells the most reliable, and I'd take windows over Mac any time. But my computer is custom It's parts are mixed. And yuffie, macs are the least software AND hardware compatible, they are reliable though, but not as reliable as Sony, Dell etc. Not an opinion :/ Google it
  23. It's either a monitor issue or a videocard issue. A cord may be loose in the monitor. Also try updating your videocard drivers. Could be the inverters or backlighting circuits are failing.. But I would definitely check the wire connections first to be sure since that's the easiest. If all else fails, buy a new monitor. Walmart has LCDs for like 85$ nowadays.
  24. Pink, thats beautiful and Ele yours is good too
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