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  1. HEY,D-SQUALL,stuck in alien cave..i got only 7 out of 10..i think my next destination is the one that will teleport to another but cant because theres a bush stuck.. even the cow(forgot the real name) cant reach it or it is just a teaser?

  2. hello everyones,first i cant open the chest in blue and red color..that i saved katie from her home,then the king and queen get her but where should the queen and king now?and katie in order to get the treasure key..this is after the demon realm quest that galahad and mel is controlling the world of darkness..im playing build A..cant get the treasure key,and whats the purpose of blue and yellow starcrystal?then the squirrel ask to find a map,hey, when edward have a costume and get the north star in the house in underfall,whenever he gets out theres GALAHAD!i thought only stella,teijal and edward are in my party..also this is after the quest in demon realm..im very curious.

  3. for me,i just finish this game now!my strategy is,rhen casts nightbird song,lars casts gate extura,teijal attack and DAMEON casts earth shield then his extremely powerful attack with 8000+ damage!i beated Ahriman that Rhen is only level 74,lars level 74,teijal level 73 and dameon with level 72..and pretty easy to beat..

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