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  1. ok,i decided to uncurse the city of ejindro.
  2. so where is the battering ram?i like to curse just you said of what city?
  3. hey peta is in aveyond lord of twilight too..maybe she is rhen...go peta!
  4. i talk to the squirrels but they do not offer some quest so it is later in the game to get the dynamite..?
  5. hello everyone,how can i open the crack wall in bonecave system and in highlands?
  6. i came from philippines thats why my english sucks!from davao city..
  7. i came from philippines thats why my english sucks!from davao city..
  8. ok,not expensive..what is the old man doing in mystery house?do i kill him?or how can i kill him?
  9. hey,my save files missing!!when i delete it from windows C,and restore it again i can play legionwood but cant save a slot..please help me!
  10. i need a detailed where can i find the picklock to unlock the blue chest and where/how can i uncurse the city of ejindro.
  11. ok cause i choose expert mode the monsters are 25% stronger than me!hard to find gold..
  12. so ill touch it...i defeated vohu manah and get the vohu manah soul..thats my latest achievement right now..give offering to gods at mt.orion,open the door to haloween hills,find arcande magic pages for a book dealer,find boat dealer a wife,fina a bottle to capture a fairy,uncurse the city of ejindro,that's not all but the others are the druids and take it to aveyond..if anyones can help then please help me!and thanks..
  13. ooopss!please tell me where i should go and complete a one quest..i only wandering around and click people that i see but i cant find where quest should i finish please help!i have a one new question,how can i get the skull in lands end temple??
  14. ok,but im lacking of money!i only got 5 golds!
  15. this is all about in some monsters i mean not a monster but a cockroaches..mel is on level 30 and cant defeat cockroaches i thought that easy mode is easy..weapon of mel is silver dagger..and it deals a little damage in cockroaches. Edited to put a more helpful title. ~Mopiece
  16. yeah yeah,D-Squall,hello,whenever the music suddenly dissapear,if i save in the slot,it says,Out of memory While expanding the stream!
  17. ok,thanks,ill leave the area and i only defeated one druids because i look all over around that i can explore but theres nothing to do,i mean i cant found how i can accomplish any quest in the journal,so i got only chance,it is to grow the beanstalk but sadly ive waited for an almost an hour,i hope that the beans grow!!
  18. okay,but i donwloaded it in rpgmaker.net..also,what should i choose with liara a powerful attacker or a magician??cause later on thyrra join the party and she has automatically have a lots of skill..so i dont need two magician cause only one can do the things..also when i play the second,RGSS202E.dll could not be found..
  19. hello in how many hours can the seeds grow?i just waited almost an hour but the old woman keep saying,off with you children'something like that..
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