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  1. How do you get to Windy Hills ? Thanks
  2. Found the baby, what is needed to catch him and return him to his mother ?
  3. I know I've seen them but forgot where to get the tentacle for the calming potion.
  4. How does the item point them out ?? Found it !
  5. What shops have chocolate ? Thanks!
  6. I'm having the same problem but the vault is locked . Where do I get the key to unlock it ? Does Miles have it ?
  7. Looking for Delemar, any help ???
  8. Thank you , found the violin and made the potion 1
  9. Checking shops in Tor can't find spider eyes !
  10. Went back to swamp and found the 5th leave. Potion finally made ! Thanks to everyone for help ! Please don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  11. I have 4 spice leaves that's what I found in the swamp. Stuck where I am can't get back to Windshire to get the restart kit. Think I'm going to have to start from scratch.
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