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  1. Once you get to Tyobi you can have your armor and weapons upgraded. Going through the root tunnels bring LOTS of healing items because the tunnels (you get there through the Great Tree in Blueleaf Forest) are so easy to get lost in.
  2. to connielj001 Thanks it is nice to meet a fellow rocker 8) It is nice to see everyone's profile since I'm new.
  3. From a kids veiwpoint I'd say once you reach 21 you are old enough to be trusted on the web. I mean my parents trust me on the web and I'm only 13... About your dad following you on fb I have a similar problem. My mother asks me about once a week to join facebook so we can be friends a.k.a so she can stalk me. Aeternus try to get your dad more in to sports. If he if playing golf he can't watch your every move on fb.
  4. Name- I went from Anna Grace, to Grace, to Gracie, to Ceci (since my youngest brother can't pronounce the g sound) Location - couch since I'm a certified couch potato Dislikes - milk choclate, being useful, Twilight, the sun, school, spelling Likes - Led Zepplin, Green Day, The Who, Any book except Twilight, and salty stuff
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