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  1. No, no. You see, children.. (Hah.) I wasn't in school at the time, I was being home schooled. So I dreamt about the school I went to years later. Get it?
  2. Hellloo~~ Name: Forkk Location: Melting your brains with the truth. Likes: Anime, Gaming, Red, Black Dislikes: Super spicy foods, mean peoples, math I'm pretty new here btw, just joined about a day ago.
  3. Ooh! Dreams! I love threads like this. ------------------------------------ A few nights ago, I had a dream.. It went a little something like this: (from what I can remember) It was my fifteenth birthday. Usually, for tradition, my family will go out to eat for their birthdays. If you've ever heard of a place called 'Outback', a steak house, that's where we usually go, and that's where I was going in the dream. Anyway, after we finished eating, this group of people came in to meet us. That group of people tested my singing ability to see how well I could sing.. opera, apparently. (Now, this is all too weird because in real-life my mother had me practice opera for several years, and she says I'm pretty good at singing opera, etc.) Those people told me that I had passed and I was going on to be a famous opera singer, etc. ------------------------------------------------ Anyways, I don't know if that could mean anything, considering one time before my dream was able to predict the future. It was just a simple dream about going to school, but yeah. Still predicted the future.
  4. Forkk

    Anime is a sin?!

    Haah. Pure gold. :3
  5. Pfffft. The world won't end in 2012, that's stupid. I hate that people try to put a time on things and try to make people freak out. It's retarded. If they try to put a time on it, they feel smart because they made everyone believe. I told my mother something about the world ending in 2012 and she told me that back a few years ago they did the same thing and put a time on the end of the world. She told me that when the world was 'about to end', she went into the backyard and watched to see the world end. She waited, and waited.. Obviously, it never happened. They're all big fat liars, it's horrible they put times on when the world is going to end. /rantend
  6. *late* Right hand! PS: Oh look, I'm a real person now! My inf is gone!
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